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My Pepper Garden

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String your cayenne peppers up to dry (in a sunny window) They will feel almost like plastic when they are dried. I think most people use a coffee grinder to grind them. I have some hand held grinder chopper that I use. Tiredeyes I measured one of my longest and it was 6 inches and not even red yet.

WOW, JM--these peppers are huge! They look just like our cayennes, but ours are only about 2 inches! Guess I'd better do some research on drying, grinding, pickling--whew! (Maybe for next season!) Always enjoy learning things like this from Jigidi friends! Thanks to all! SIndy



Jennylmoon, I have never tried to dry-grind peppers. How do you do that?


Portuguese Reds are 8 to 10 inches long. They have a nice pepper taste and I have been making them into a Tabasco sauce.


Here in MD a good season too!!! I have bowls of peppers I am in the process of threading to hang and dry. Already have a harvest of cayenne's dried and ground. Longest growing season I have seen around here.
Thanks for posting...

Not the same as cayennes? The look very big are they? (You're in MO, right? We're in Texas.) The plants are really quite nice. (Now that I've solved!!!) Sindy


This is my Hot Portuguese Pepper Garden.
2012 is a very good year for hot peppers.

Hi, JM--I haven't been out to our (first) garden in quite some time--but hubby harvests 3 or 4 times a week--and we are overloaded with peppers--cayenne's, as you have shown here, plus 2 varieties of jalapenos, some anjou and bells--and they're still having at it! Your plants look quite pretty! Robbie gave me a recipe for a "sauce": 1/2 Black Rum, 1/2 Sherry--and cram as many of these peppers as possible and let it sit. I bought some plastic bottles with the needle nose top (and cover)--and put the peppers in, then the alcohol...and we left for about a month. When we got back--it was great! And just keeps getting better.

Always enjoy your photos! Thanks!