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red-breasted grosbeak

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Thank you, PH!


A beauty!


Chickiemama, you must be on the eastern side of the country, more or less - or at least the eastern side of the midwest. I'd love to see one! But then, I'd love to have a maple tree, too!

Mr. O, the trouble I find with birdwatching is that it's so easy for me to confuse the females!! I can look at this picture and it's easy to identify this bird, but the female is pretty plain - and looks like so many others, especially from a bit of distance! We don't have as many birds here as we used to. Crows have moved in with a vengeance, and some species have all but disappeared. But there is a little flycatcher that visits my year, and I've got so that I now get concerned if I open the curtains in the morning and he isn't already hard at work for the day!

Roseheather - and the immature males are more robin-colored!

PompomQT - I'm glad you think so! I think so too!

Sunbulls, that's sure true about their migration patterns changing. If I ever see one on the West Coast, I'll know for sure we are in big trouble!!

Robryan, that's exactly it. Big beak. And that's a good fit. It needs that stubby powerful beak to crack the seeds it favors.


That's a pretty bird - wonder how it got its name - maybe because gros means big? It looks a solid beak for a small bird. Thanks potatomum.


Aha! Thanks, CM. I have three maples in the back yard... I will have to spend more time studying the branches around that time.


oddio, they eat the weird little flower thingies on the maple trees before the leaves appear in the Spring.


In Western NY, we have seen three of them last spring on our bird feeder. I understand studies have shown that their migrations habits are changing, probably due to climate change.


what a beauty!


When I first saw a rose-breasted grosbeak, high up on a utility pole behind our back yard, I thought it was maybe a robin which was ill. It was quite a ways away so not that easy to discern. The last couple of years they have visited our feeder in the spring.


A big grin, PotatoMum. The bird watchers and bird photographers on Jigidi have made me realize I do not pay much attention to the feathered friends I see. If ChickieMama is seeing them (some hours south of me), maybe I should pay some attention as Spring rolls around!


We have them here, but only in the spring for a week or so when they are passing through.


I'm so glad, chickiemama! Until I went looking for a bird that might have laid a heart-shaped egg (because of oddio's comment!!), I'd never seen a picture of this bird. We sure don't have them here!


Mr. O: as per your request on
This bird must have been blown far out of its range, but I think it must have been his sweetheart who laid the egg!


I love red-breasted grosbeaks. Thanks potatomum.