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Who Knew???

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International Chess Day was first observed in 1966. The World Chess Federation used July 20 as the anniversary date of the founding of the organization in 1924.

Chess is a worldwide phenomenon that knows no language barriers. Anyone can learn how to play with basic moves, but strategy takes years to master. The U.S. Chess Federation states chess probably originated as the war game "Chatarung" in India around 600 C.E. Around 400 years later, chess spread to Europe thanks to Persian traders. When the rules changed in the 15th century to make the queen the strongest piece, suddenly more people liked to play the strategy game. Its popularity has increased ever since with millions of players worldwide.

If you want to know what I'm celebrating tomorrow, feel free to return to this page after 10pm (GMT - UK) when I will post a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle. 174


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Thanks cinderfire - you're welcome :~)


Gosh Edie - I thought I did badly when I taught a girl at school how to play and she beat me on our first game!! But she was at least the same age as me... to be beaten by your 6 year old must create very mixed feelings.... he's clearly a genius and I'm sure you're very proud of him - LOL!


Thx 4 this info on this 1.


My mother was quite a good chess player so we all learned to play as children. I was no master but could hold my own. My youngest learned to play at the age of 4 at his Montessori school. By the time he was 6 I could no longer beat him. What annoyed me most was that after he moved he would read or leave the table and when he came back he never had to ask what I had moved. To me, that was annoying. LOL Thanks Mandy


Thanks Ardy, I'm pleased you enjoyed the info, even if you don't play chess :~)

You sound like me Barb, I learned the basics but never progressed... and I never followed any matches. I'm pleased you liked the mini chess board, thanks!

My sentiments exactly whatnauts... I love Chip's Challenge... I wonder if it has a special day???

Thanks Mimi - I seem to have attracted mostly non Chess players to this puzzle!! LOL


I'm not a chess player either, but I think this is a terrific puzzle and I thank you!


I'd guess there are many chess players out there who will be happy to know they have their own day. Sadly, all I can manage are the basic moves. Chip's Challenge is about all the strategy I can handle!!! Thanks for this interesting day and info, monza :)))))


I played a little when I was a child because both my dad and brother did, but I never got past the basics. Also remember my brother and I following the Bobby Fisher / Boris Spassky matches. I love the way you set the puzzle up like a mini chess board, Mandy, and you have posted some great images. Thanks for another well done WK puzzle. :-)


I've never played chess either. It looks way to complicated for me. And takes so long to play. Like you, Mandy, I'm not good at planning ahead. Thanks for the info. Always nice to know what's going on in the world. :-)))


It's too much of a strategy game for me Pat!! I'm not good at planning ahead!! Nice to see you got her bright and early, thanks :~)


Never played Chess but have watch the kids play.... Thanks Mandy