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Secondary Colors

36 pieces
48 solves
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Thanks, Kirsten. It's funny that it's the little things that get our notice and make our day.


Isn't it funny what you find appealing in a puzzle? Out of this entire gorgeous bright thing, the part I love the most, is the very thin 4 pointed star coming out of the red centre. Actually, as I look at it again, they could be beautiful stems to the yellow flowers on the end....... Whatever they are, I really like them. Thanks Gail. :)))


And thanks, lela, for a future title of a puzzle when I can't come up with a name.
Mary, sorry, but your fame was fleeting! I'm glad, however, that you enjoyed it.


Yikes! I made the board at 3:15, but that will be temporary! I especially love the dark teal green in this one. Thanks, Gail!


Thanks Octo, for another thingy!............