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Photo origin of "Facegoo Surrealism" - marshland at Jekyll Island, Georgia

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So beautiful, Jill. So precious to us humans~~~awesome to look at, filtering our pollutants, and also making all those little shrimpies & fishies grow to be BIG ones. Thanks, Jill...................................


Hanne, it is an incredible place! It is so different from your home or mine. I took a picture of the sign at the "airport". Ir reads " Jekyll Island Airport, elevation 16 feet"....... and that is the highest point on the island. ..... :-)


It is a overwhelming landscape, Jill, so very, very quuuiiiiet, you can feel it into your bones!! Thanks for showing it!!


Oh yes, Shirley, I do love it and hope you can vicariously enjoy it through my pictures. Jim and I are headed down there this weekend for a week....... it will be a work session, painting rooms and pulling weeds, lol! We'll still make time to relax and explore the island. I'll be taking bunches of photos to post!


Hi Jill, you know how I feel about your lovely Jekyll Island, and the marshlands just add more to love about it, Thanks Jill.


You are so welcome, Gladstone!


Thank you for you picture/puzzle.