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Holly Berries in the Snow

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Absolutely stunning shot, Laura. Love it! Thanks so much for posting. I had a bumper crop of berries on my cotoniaster (sorry if that sounds like a physical complaint lol!!!) until some rarely seen fieldfares came and ate every single one - I didn't mind, but couldn't get a photo of the field fares as they are such nervous birds, rarely seen in gardens - only fields as their name suggests - so every time I moved a muscle they were off before I could raise my camera!


Most definitely picture worthy and what a great shot!!! So clear and the color so vivid!!!! Thank you for taking the picture and for sharing with the rest of us.

I was just trying to make contact with everyone that has been following the adventures of the two puppies that my husband found and say a personal Thank You for your support and caring!!! Also wishing that this New Year will be filled with delight and blessings for you and yours. I will definitely be back to solve more of your puzzles when things settle down around here :-) Kathy


for me is this a perfect picture Laura!


Thank you, morris, Cel and Jan! Happy New Year to you, too!


Always did love these, Happy New Years


Awesome picture LJ ;)


Nice one, laura!!


Thank you for commenting....PLG, snooker, tex and Robyn. I appreciate it! Happy New Year!


Very nice shot Laura - thanks.


This is beautiful. I just love the snow, berries too! Thanx.

Excellent shot.


Beautiful! Thanks, Laura!


Yes, I know that, PG, but since I was right there, I wanted to see what it was like. But alas, they didn't have one. It would have to be special ordered. The man behind the counter gave my camera a condescending, sympathetic look and suggested I upgrade to make it all worthwhile. I took my little Cannon SX 40 and left, holding my head up high.


LJ you can get the adapter from B&M on line.


Nor have I over here, Lorna, but this bush was loaded. I was standing with my back to it, taking other shots, and the whole time the bush kept clearing its throat, trying to get my attention. Hey! Over here! See all my berries?


Lovely. I probably haven't seen this many holly berries in total over here this year!


I would rather have these berries than a crop of bumpers....any day!


Great food for the birds. We have a bumper crop this year. Great photo LJ.


No, yesterday I went shopping in Edwardsville, IL, as Litchfield is destitute of stores. I took a number of photos at the Edwardsville Public Library, including this one. I was at the camera store across the street, asking about the adaptor ring for my camera. When I came out, I decided to walk around the library to see what was picture-worthy.


Are these on your propery, Laura? They are very pretty. My holly had no berries this year...maybe because of the drought?