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Blue and Purple Angel for the Blurple Fan Club

36 pieces
83 solves
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This started as a crocheted baby afghan.


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Thanks, Kirsten. I'll try it later today. I'm about to go out to Knit Wits now.


Hi Gail!! I can't help myself. Can I offer some words of help with the resizing issue? I use one of the many online picture editors to resize mine, and then play with the clarity and the sharpen functions to sort out the resolution. Why don't you give it a shot? Lately I've been using picmonkey, which is a really easy one to use. So easy, I've even got Ardy using it for her frames. And she would happily admit herself if she was here, that she finds new computer skills a little challenging.

All the functions you need are under "basic edits". And given this one is square, if you took it up to about 1000 pixels square, you should be able to break it up into about 300 pieces. And if you took it up to about 1600 I think you could break it up into about 400 pieces. Best of all, is that even at 36 pieces, they would be nice and big!!

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. :))))

Oh, and I should have said that one of the many other programs you use might have similar functions too. But I find picmonkey easier to use, and to be able to control the levels I want.


Wow. How did you enlarge a puzzle I made? If the pieces are too small for me to see, and I'm with you with the eyes, I press the plus button in the top right hand corner of the screen. I can make pieces larger or smaller that way without really changing the size of the puzzle.

I'm glad you like this blurple one. I think that's a word someone coined on Pat's blurple star at Christmas. Thank you for your comments.


I loved all of your puzzles especially this one. Only one problem--the pink afghan one was so small it's hard for these old eyes to put those small pieces together. I enlarged it to three times it's size and it didn't lose its resolution, which I was really worried about. And I solved it easily. I love this blurple one the best.


I just tried to make it bigger and it's very blurry. I was going to post it as a private puzzle and give you the link, but I can't do that without solving it myself, it seems. I'll keep trying.


I had to enlarge it just to make it large enough to post. I'll see what happens if I make it bigger. It may be a few days.

Hi! Would it be possible to enlarge this puzzle to around 300 or so please? The color gradients look like they would be very interesting to piece together?