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Now you're making me homesick for the good ole days spent in the horse barn. I loved it especially in the winter. Out of the cold wind, sitting on a bale of hay, playing with my dog, stroking the cat and listening the the horses munch on their dinner. And the smell, oh those wonderful barn scents. Sandy


I hear what you're saying about haying in the heat, Sandy! I once had a city friend tell me that it must be fun to hay in the summer - you could wear your bikini and get a tan. My jaw dropped! How do you explain wearing your jeans, long sleeves (hay rash), pants tucked into socks (ticks), good soled shoes or boots (especially working in the fields), gloves (that good old Number Nine Binder I tried, stuttered and just ended up shaking my head. No point in even talking about mucking the stalls to one such as she.

All together now, as we sang the refrain while haying: Straw hat and old dirty hankies, moppin' a face like a shoe... (Canadian singer Murray McLaughlan sings the Farmer's Song: )

We too preferred the small bales and, although the horses are now all gone, my aunt still uses them for her sheep. Much easier to pull (and measure) your flakes, isn't it? Plus, you have a better idea of the quality of the hay. YOU know how important that is for horses. Glad that I was able to add something, here.

Ok,, I'm really farm-sick. Better call my aunt this afternoon! Time to visit again. (Oh, that wonderful smell of a warm bran mash on a cold night in the barn....yeah, I know, I'm bent!) Michelle


Thank you puzzaddled/Michelle. You answered it perfectly. I appreciate any knowledge anyone has to offer on my puzzles. I used to have horses and I think I would still perfer the smaller rectangle bales. Although it was always a chore to unload the hay wagon in mid July when it was hot and steamy outside. LOL


btw: Really liked your picture too. Made me farm-sick! lol


That's right, chickie/Sandy, the inside is packed tightly and protected. If you'll permit me to address Hanne's concerns:

The round bales tend to shed water but you will experience some loss due to weathering. The loss is still considered more economically viable than the costs in producing small bales. These large bare bales aren't bad for storage outdoors in dry climates but for wetter ones, it's still advisable to either put it under some sort of cover (shed, barn, tarp) or use a commercial wrap (looks like an open weave) that leaves the ends free to breath and to prevent fermentation of the hay. Dry, non-fermented hay is especially a consideration when feeding to horses. There is also a more solid-looking wrap available (usually white in colour) that fully wraps the bales to encourage fermentation and are used to make silage (usually for cows). We don't see many farmers here in Ontario using silos any more; they tend to use the silage wrap instead. There have been many tragic stories of injury and death in silos and this method of producing silage is much safer.

(No, I am not a farmer; I live in a large city but I spent my summers on my aunt's farm. I still pop down there whenever I can, many times a year.) Michelle


Yes, they are hay bales Hanne. These are the big round bales. Evidentally, they do not get moisture damaged on the inside. Atleast that is what I am told. I have seen some covered, but most just sit outside.


Are they hay bales still lying there?? A pity if they just get spoiled with snow and rain!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Oh thank you young man. Still have to order it.


Nice hunting trip. Great capture and here is where that filter will work the best young lady.


Thank you punkie.


You have managed to take a "drab" season, and capture its beauty. Well done, Chickie!


Thank you lyndee and morris.


Very nice, chickie. I like the pin oak holding on tu its leaves!


Proof of somebody's labor. Very nice Chickie.


Oh thanks PLG. Now I just have to remember where I was when I took it. LOL Snow would make a nice photo here.


Love it. Soon there will be a dusting of snow making it extra beautiful!


Thank you AuntieAuntieBeth.


Nice field, chickiemama - looks like winter will be settling in soon.