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Shrimp Plant Blooms for Jana

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I hope these make you smile and have a happy heart.


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Thank you, Jana. :-)))


Thank you Angel, I really like it, do not know them at all, they are beautiful, big smile and very happy heart :-))))

laurajane and Monica, I'm glad you both enjoy this image. I wonder where Jana is.

Shrimp plants are from Florida and can be started from cuttings. Just stick them in a glass of water and pot them once they start to make roots. They like sun and lots of moisture. I bring mine into the sunroom in the fall, as they will freeze out in Indiana. The more sun, the brighter the color. Those white "tails" fall out as they age. Check the garden centers or online catalogs.


Goodness, I've never seen a Shrimp plant before! It's quite different from your normal every day type of flowers! It's very beautiful actually! Thanks!...Monica


They make me smile, even though I am not Jana!