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Goofie: Mr Pigeon you're a messy come back here and clean it up!

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Mrs Quinn...sometimes when he's not into playing he makes a detour just to avoid him:))

Rebecca I don't think they can tell the difference, I've seen them staying put in front of Luna too while she was trespassing next door, but she's a real hunter/killer and some time ago she must have caught one, there were all feathers in neighbour's garden! When I saw her ready to pounce I sprayed water on Luna with my plant sprayer to prevent her from catching/killing Mr Pigeon!

Thanks LadyLouise, I think it's very special. It's fun to seen him galloping towards Mr Pigeon and every now and then Mr Pigeon doesn't fly off which leaves Goofie very surprised, but he never touches him:)

Tisketsmum, Goofie doesn't have a cat flap like his (B&W) sis:))... he simply is a softy towards Mr Pigeon I'd guess. Mice that's another story like you have seen on YouTube!:))

Aw thank you're right Goofie doesn't hold grudges:)))

Thanks Lynetteoz:)


You certainly don't look impressed Goofie! Love the tip of your tail :-)


Ah, Goofie, you are such a sweet lad. I am very happy that you have Mr Pigeon for a friend even if he is a messy eater. True friends forgive little hiccups like that and I'm sure you will do so.


Tisket has stalked her own Mr Pigeon, and even a pheasant in the garden but as she's not worked out a way to get them through the cat flap yet she's leaves them be :))
Maybe Goofie employs the same logic, eh (B&W) bro :))


amazing to see Goofie so close to the pigeon, the pigeon dose not seem scared.
great view of the garden.


I wonder if a pigeon brain can tell the difference between cats, and whether he's so casual in other gardens!


I am amazed that Goofie and Mr. Pigeon are so close and can share the same garden.


Yes roseheather....but Mr Pigeon wasn't impressed at all!:)))


My, the posture of Goofie certainly looks indignant! : )


Hi siberian.....he and Mr Pigeon are good play mates...he has never harmed him (or any other pigeon)....little birdies however have to be careful, he has not yet caught one, but if he'd get the chance....


Cannot believe how good is Goofie…Monsieur Chat is not that good : (