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Kaleidos made from ...... Incredible Butterfly and Moth Wing Scales!!~ Barb, Ardy Gaillou and Jan's Fave

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This is Barb, Ardy Gaillou and Jan's favourite from a 3x3 collage of kaleidoscopes made from macro photographs of butterfly and moth wing scales that I posted on 9 December 2012. Thanks to Rob (robryan) who had posted some pics of them, leading me to explore them. They are the most amazingly beautiful things. And made extraordinarily gorgeous kaleidos.

I make my kaleidoscopes and collages using freely available images and a variety of programs. A 3x3 collage usually takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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After having a closer look at them all, I think I'll settle for the blue, the tiny little patterns don't really look like butterflies but it looks like very small and delicate silk embroidery.
Thanks for some quick morning fun. :))


This one is my favorite of this set of moth and butterfly wings. What beauty you've created from something so mundane! Thank you for sharing it with us. Rosie


Oooh, Very pretty, love this one too, Thanks, Kirsten.


Beautiful - reminds me of narcissus flowers.


Thank YOU Magda! :)))


It's good - isn't it Katie? Anne sees lovely things in puzzles too! :)))


I'm glad all is well, Gwen - and you've just been having fun! And I'm glad you enjoyed this series too. :)))


So not to repeat myself: Just thanks.


I love the seaside description - it's perfect for these colors and for all the nature lovers! Thanks Kirsten!


Everything AOK Kirsten, thank you for asking. I spent most of yesterday with a friend I hadn't seen for ages, talking handicraft, pets etc and last evening I realised that I was running out of time to watch some TV programs on catchup and before I knew it, it was midnight. I've caught up on puzzles now though. Two more very enjoyable sets, thank you.


Just Edie!! I was just about to shut down and trundle off to bed! I'm glad you like this one, and hope you enjoy the rest too! Have a great day! :)))


Did I still catch you Kirsten? I started here because I love the way the centre of it seems to glow. Looks like something I could put atop my Christmas tree. Off to do the rest. thank you so much for these.


I can see that Anne, the white shells, golden sand and blue water!! What a lovely thought. Nighty, night. Sleep well. I'll be off soon myself. :)))


Simple but sweet colours - seaside "ish". A different slant on boats and shells eh? Thanks. Night Kirsten - I'm hitting the sack earlier tonight too.


Awww shucks, Gail! You make me blush. Now be off with you, and happy solving! :)))


Yay! We got there Ardy! And yes, this is a completely non-threatening snowflake! It's wintery chill has been neutralised! LOL Thanks for the hugs, which I'm going to use in about 30 minutes. Hopefully I can get a smidge of solving in, and then I'll be off to bed. Hope you have a great day, and see you tomorrow. Or soon at Barbs and Junes! ((HUGS))


I will try to have more patience, but it's not easy when I want to see more of your puzzles. Okay, I'm off now to spread my solving skills around!


Hi Kirsten. Here I am at my favorite for the day. It's like a beautiful winter snowflake, that is one that looks lovely but doesn't create any problems and that are only in cyberspace. Thanks for all of these great designs framed so perfectly. Now it is past time to wish you a good night with sweet dreams. Here come some quick but loving ((HUGS))


Just the end for now, Gail! I think I made about 90 kaleidos from the images of butterfly and moth wing scales - so there's still a collage or two to be made from the ones I haven't used yet! Patience, my love! :)))


Thanks Barb! I know this one is very understated, but I love it for that! And the simplicity of the pattern.

And I'm glad you can be patient!! 'Cos I don't like to post the same stuff all the time. But I loved these ones so much, I don't think I'll be able to stay away from them for long either!!


The end? Say it ain't so. This seriesi has been wonderful, Kirsten. This one is my second favorite ~ I saved the best for last, and here I go to solve it. Thanks.


This is still my fave of the 3 you posted today on the wing scales. This really turned out to be a wonderful subject to kaleido and I look forward (very patiently?) to your next collage on the same subject. Like Gwen, I love the colour combination on this one. :-)


Thanks Gwen!! As I suspect you now know, they colours, patterns and texture are all down to the original image and what magic happens in the kaleido maker. I think I was very lucky to find some terrific images to work with! And I'm sorry to say, that this is the end of this series of "fave" kaleidos from the butterfly and moth wing scales collages. But only until I post another collage of them. Which I think we could safely say will be sometime in the next 12 months! LOL Hopefully in the meantime, I can find some other subjects that you enjoy. :)))


I love this series and this one is especially stunning! The blue, gold, and white are a beautiful combination. Thank you for posting them.