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After spending four days on the Oregon coast a couple weeks back, I headed over to the Willamette Valley to visit my mom in Salem. I was on Highway 20 east of Corvallis when I spotted this barn just as the sun was setting. The barn was on the opposite side of the highway. I had to cross five lanes of busy traffic in order to get a good shot of the barn. I was so busy dodging traffic that I missed the Bald Eagle in a leafless Oak tree that stood just to the left of this barn. I didn't see it until it flew out of the tree as I was running across the highway. If I had spotted the bird while parked in my car, the eagle would have been lit up by the golden sun rays and I could have grabbed my other camera with the telephoto lens and captured a great shot. When I went to cross back over the five lanes of rush hour traffic, it took forever to get an opening. Yes, that is my shadow in the foreground.


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Good morning you two. WOW!!! What a beautiful glow on that barn. That orange color is so stunning and lights up that barn and part of the grounds with such gorgeous color. I do see your shadow. :-) Oh, how wonderful it would have been if you had been able to get the Eagle in this picture as well, BUT, your safety is MOST IMPORTANT. If you had seen that Eagle in that tree before crossing that busy highway, you might have gotten so excited as to not watch where you were going and we might not have this BEAUTIFUL photo. :-)) We all love you and your photos so you MUST be careful crossing those roads and highways. :-) THANK YOU for this great photo and fun, fun puzzle.

Terry, great sunset photo--the barn looks very well dressed in that light.
PS look both ways before your cross 5 lanes!
Reminder from your 'OM'.
I solved the larger puzzle first unintentionally--but it's really a magnificent photo & worth solving the puzzle twice. Nancy