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Happy Birthday, Pat D. - A Cape Ann rainbow

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65 solves
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Ardy....I love your story about the puzzle. That is just so coooool! And speaking of making a puzzle into a picture by gluing the pieces onto a board- once I thought about doing just that...but as I kept looking at the puzzle...I thought about the fact that I'd never be able to put it together again if I did I didn't. LOL


Wendy, Many years ago a friend and I bought a 2000 piece puzzle of an English manor house complete with gardens and out buldings. We gave it to Cheerie Lou and her mother for Christmas. The next Christmas we received from them the same puzzle only in individual baggies each labeled like manor house east etc. and one very large baggie labeled sky. Over the next year we put the sections together and stored them under my bed. For the next Christmas I got a huge piece of mounting board (had to have it specially cut) and glued the finished sections together. There was still a large bag labeled sky. Cheerie Lou kept at it until she had it all finished. It made a lovely large picture. It eventually got wet and disintegrated but we promised never to do that again. That was years before Jigidi existed. I'm not sure how peaceful all that sky way. LOL


Ardy, for the first year that I solved puzzles, I never solved one with a lot of sky in it. When I finally did solve one with lots of sky, I realized that I'd missed a lot. There's something very peaceful and satisfying about puzzles with lots of sky.


Thank YOU, Jan. I was so glad I had some photos of her favorite area. Rockport is near Gloucester on Cape Ann where she wants to retire


What a lovely puzzle to gift to Pat! And what lovely remarks, too. Thanks so much, Ardy!


Thanks, Ank. This is one of my most favorite vacation spots. This picture was taken from in front of where we were staying.


Thanks Wendy. With all that sky I figured I'd better keep it in fewer pieces. I did it in 52 seconds so it's not too bad for solving.


Beautiful Ardi, thanks.


Ardy, this is a wonderful picture. I'll bet it makes an especially nice puzzle to solve. :-)


Thank YOU, Pat and may blessings rest upon you today and every day.


Ardy, it's just lovely, and I can see the double rainbow! It's very special for me to share something like Cape Ann with you--our feelings run very deep here, and that bonds us all the more! Thank you so much for this, and for your good wishes, and for being you!


Have a great day Pat. This is looking over Front Beach in Rockport. It was a double rainbow but that doesn't really show up in the photo. Thanks for all your delightful creations. May this be the beginning of your best year ever.
Love and HUGS. Ardy