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Soft Circles

252 pieces
234 solves
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Mandy.........and monicaarmintrout took advantage of your very short nap. LOL

Pat, well, at least you were the quickest of all.....for being the one with a profile and solving it. I suppose that should amount to something. ;-)


I was the second person, and the first with a profile, to solve it, so I even got that congrats message about being first!!! Ah, but fame is fleeting--I had to watch myself slide slowly but inexorably off the board right after that brief moment of glory.........


I must have nodded off for a few seconds in the middle of solving this one Wendy LOL!!! It's really lovely, thanks :~)


Pat, I fell asleep as I was reading your soooooooooothing message. LOL

Jane, I love the colors too. I hope you enjoy it when you get around to solving it.

chilisand- Thanks so much. :-)

Pat, you're supposed to at least make an appearance on the leader board....even if it's not a long visit.


Well, I've already dropped like a lead weight off the board! LOL! (20:39).


Lovely, thank you.

These colors are lovely! I'm looking forward to solving this one.


Soooooo sooooooft and sooooo soooooothing and sooooooo sleepy now.......! Gorgeous puzzle, Wendy! :-))))))