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Possible Borders (Outer Grey?)

42 pieces
68 solves
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I'm fond of the grey, but I think the red might be more fun to solve in the large sizes...


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It really is....... :-)))


Yes, Pat ... that is my train of thought. Just fascinating!


Oh, whatnauts, another one of the "q" words coming up for you?! :-DDD

When you think about it, we have no way of knowing what anyone else is really seeing color-wise, only that we've agreed that certain wavelengths of light will be called by a certain name, and, we assume, are perceived in the same way because out brains are wired similarly. But we can't KNOW what others really see....Also, there are many animals with much greater color discrimination, and, when we compare 2 color swatches, every human might agree that they're identical, and yet another species might have no trouble telling them apart.....

Thanks, whatnauts, Kathy (Go Notre Dame! [sorry!]), and Katie! And roerick, thank you so much for that wonderful compliment! This is the time of night I make my puzzles, and you've given me a lovely incentive! :-)))


The gray looks better with the colors that are next to it but I prefer the red--maybe because it's me favorite along with purple. I love all of your puzzles, the swirly circles are the most entertaining and the overlapping boxes, rectangles and squares are just plain fun and these squares feel like you are looking down into a colored box at the black bottom to see who is there. Thanks for the great entertainment.


Couldn't resist playing with the colors! :-DDD


Oh, that's right... Katie is a real Buckeye! Remember, Katie - I'm a Crimson Tide fan! Which reminds me of how fascinating color is - I've searched around the web before wanting to see Crimson next to other reds, and don't seem to find "authoritative" color charts, unless I want to buy one. Does anyone ever think about subjective perception of color? Because we know there are people that are color blind, so certainly two people who aren't color-blind could very well have a different experience when seeing the same color!
Well, philosophy musings aside, I actually like this one a lot, perhaps better than the red. Thanks Pat!


I like them both. I don't think it will hurt the solves by much because the inside of the puzzle is very bright and it's only one band of the grey. I will solve the medium size of whichever one you decide to post :))))


Thanks so much, Katie, Ardy, and Lela--and more people are liking the grey than I anticipated, which is nice to hear!

I had to look up scarlet and grey, because I wasn't sure what that referred to, but now I know, Ms. Buckeye! LOL!


I prefer this one.......


Pat I like this one better. I think the grey blends better with the other colors. But I'm fairly sure you're right about which would get more solves. This took three seconds longer for me to solve. But it was the first one. I enjoy your comparison puzzles. Thank you.


I think I like this one better. But the colors mentioned, when said together, are scarlet and gray!


You answered your own question, roseheather...!

Thanks,Robbie and roseheather--I appreciate the input. I have a feeling red will win, because it's brighter, but I rarely use grey, so I was pleased to see the way it worked here. :-)))


I prefer the red border PD, but this was easier to solve. Great puzzles today, thanks.


Lovely, and I like the grey as well.

Do you have snow? Does the sun come up in the east? LOL