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Whose Turn is it to Clean up after Dinner?

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I'd have a hard time enjoying my meal if I knew that was out there. Maybe a LARGE family is enjoying the feast and will help clean-up????


I clean as I'm cooking. The dirty dishes seem to make me feel like my food is dirty too...Hum???


I hear ya, Quartina. But just looking at this mess makes me tired.


haha, this looks like my kitchen after the eating is done, and everyone has scattered and it's just me and the mess......


This isn't my kitchen, 54gal . . . but I must confess I leave the clean-up til AFTER the meal! When my husband cooks, he cleans up as he goes along, and after the meal the counters are clean . . . BUT, by the time he gets the food on the table, it's cold because he has spent so much time tidying up!!!


At least this isn't one of those "Show and Tell" kitchens where the only thing that gets any use is the microwave oven! Real food is fixed in here. YAY!!!