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108 pieces
101 solves
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Yukity, many thanks for that. I'm pleased that you seem to enjoy it>!!

dear creator, this was tough. in the rare moments i found the right piece in my first attempt, i was really happy. i mean REALLY. thank you.


Any praise gratefully accepted, Kate. I'm John AKA tugman22


Well, that gives me hope. I'm not clever enough either. But you do have great taste in choosing images then, so you can accept that praise :-)


Thanks for such a nice comment, Kate. I wish that I could take the praise and tell you how I create them, but I find them on the web!! Not clever enough to create!! LOL


Parrotman22, you are my favourite puzzle-maker. I've bookmarked or solved almost all of yours (under 150 pieces). HOW do you create images like this one? It's amazing :-)