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It's sunny somewhere...just not here!

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Oregon! Brrrrrr! I don't think I could handle it. Down in sunny Florida where every day looks like this puzzle, all year round! We're launching into spring, where the temps drop a bit but still fine to go to the pool and beach except for a couple of weeks in January when it gets down in the 60's. Just got off a cruise where I spent much time in the sun. Hope you're a winter sport person, that would be fun if I could stand the cold. Skiing looks awesome! 5:20 Great puzzle! Thanks!


Shall do - we could do with a shower of rain here. We've only had 13mm (about 1/2 inch) in the last 3 months.


Hi Rob. I'm in Oregon, US. Fall is here and so are the rain and gray clouds! Enjoy your beautiful weather for me!


I'm feeling the sun here Jawz - Brisbane Australia - where are you not feeling it? The Jacaranda is in full flower & it's going to top out at 30C today...Rob.