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Williamsburg Va! He actually took that nut out of my hand!

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I spent the day walking around Colonial Williamsburg today One of the earliset twons in America. Its blocks of restored houses and shops from the late 1600's and 1700's. I got lots of good photos for here. I saw this squirrel early in the morning and he was pretty friendly, glad to take the nut right out of my hand.


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Great shot! I love these creatures and am having a lovely time doing fox and squirrel puzzles this evening! I think I was a squirrel in a previous life as I was always up a tree as a child - don't know why as I hate heights now! I know they can be destructive pesky little varmints, but I love em all the same! They stayed away from my garden when I had a cat that went outside - they seem to know to keep away if a cat lives nearby! But since I've not had a cat that goes outside (my new kitty won't go out until probably nearly Summer - if we ever get a Summer here in England, cos Spring is struggling at the moment lol!) we had a few probs with them eating the bird food!


A great place to explore! We have done Sturbridge Village in MA, which I think is quite like Williamsburg. Looks like you had a fine day to walk about.


I believe U as when I was younger I used to do a lot of camping and had many of them eat out of my hands and some racoons would even come up and take something out of my hand...was fun...great pic warbler


Thank you Laura, Me too, PG.


Good one and glad you still have your fingers.


He also looks like a younger squirrel. Well done, warbler!


Thanks Rob, Gladstone, Dondi. What can I say, Chickie.


A nice clear photo warbler - & he looks friendly.


Great picture. He doesn't look worried.


Feeding a squirrel from your hand isn't as much an accomplishment as getting a great picture afterwards! Congratulation!


fun to look at and fun to do


He's knows an easy target when he sees one.