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Gradients for boring weekends :))) II

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No snow here, Dagmar. Cold and wind but sunny. Perhaps warmer tomorrow. Pat D. is doing OK. They have about 18 inches but power has stayed on. Wendy is around on Jigidi so she has power. Get some rest and have some play time. Fluffy slept in last night but wanted out about 3:30 a.m. and hasn't come back yet. She usually shows up again about supper time.


I'm happy that you enjoyed your second go at it, Ardy. I just learned about he winterstorms on the East Coast - I didn't have any time for news or newspapers last week - and I hope that it didn't hit you too badly. From what I understood when I heard it in the news a while ago it is more to the north again, so I hope you are nice and cosy inside with Fluffy and not much of the white stuff is on your driveway for shovelling. :)))
Stay safe and warm.


Thanks, Seagull, positive feedback is always appreciated. :))


This was fun, Dagmar. I took my time and meandered around amid the pieces. Thanks for the fun.




Hi Jan, I recall that times as such exist, I even got up at a quarter to eight this morning, but it took me another two hours to wake up. LOL. I don't know how you can be heading for a computer training session - BTW what are you training? - at this time of the day. LOL (I have some very faint memories from getting up at six o'clock when I lived in Germany thirty years ago, but I'm trying very hard to forget those traumatic experices LOL)
It's good to know that you liked my remake of many old or unused square puzzles and I must admit, that with my liking for bold an bright things, I might even be tempted to do one of the bigger sizes myself - if I ever get the time. I don't know what I do with the comments. I started answering at half past nine and now it is eleven o'clock and I haven't finished yet. :))) It's terrible that I can't keep things short. LOL
Have a wonderful weekend :))


Sorry to know that you are lost Hanne, I suppose that next time I make a puzzle like this one I should add a sitemap for the case that somebody needs instructions of how to find their way through the pieces. LOL I just read a comment of Peggybee who is the only other person who is doing the same puzzle and she left a message on the bigger size that "the orange ring is killing me" so as you are both in the maze, you should try to communicate and help each other LOL because if you think it through you are both at the same time doing the same puzzle at the same place..... I'd better stop now before I get carried away LOL
I hope that by the time you read this comment your have found your way out and that you are feeling wonderful after having finished such a difficult puzzle. :))


Dagmar - I adore this patchwork of kaleidos and swirls! WOW! WOW! WOW! It was so much fun that I wish I had solved the bigger one! BEAUTIFUL is just one word to describe it. I loved the way you lined up the similar colored color blocks. And the "square-ish" kaleidos were particularly exciting. Thanks so very much! Have a wonderful day!
It is 7:13am and I am off to get another computer training session. You do recall 7am, right? LOL!!


It's beautiful, Dagmar, so very much!! I'm still working on the one from yesterday, somehow I'll finish it, but WHEN??? I've got lost somehow, want to do too much at the same time!! But it's very much fun. Thanks so very much dear!


Thanks to you, Leet, for putting the pieces together and leaving lovely comments. :))

Thanks for all your efforts to make this so interesting.