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The roadrunner returns!

48 pieces
66 solves
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he's beautiful!


I like it, it looks nice, not too intelligent but nice!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Yes, Robbie, she (I think it's a female; the males are a little more colorful) only caught my attention when I noticed a blur of motion in the corner of my eye. She posed for several pictures before taking off. PG, this one does not seem to bother the cat; it's the mockingbirds that make life miserable for the cat.


Blends in well with his surroundings PPM, I've only seen him on TV outsmarting the coyote!! Thanks.


One of my favorite birds. We had them in Texas and they would drive the cats crazy. Just when the cat thought it had the dang thing it would fly and then get on top the pump house and just yell at the cats. I think he got the biggest kick out of tormenting the cats.