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Anyone's Guess

100 pieces
175 solves
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whatnauts, I'm guessing that the spotlight is on you and Hester seeing as how you two are at the top.

Hester, yes, I'm surprised that you solved this sized puzzle and absolutely delighted that you're in second place. I'll bet if Growly had solved this though, that he would have made it to the top.
Ohhhh, searchlights during the blitz! You're so right!


Bet you're surprised to see me on this size of puzzle, Wendy! And it's obvious I really enjoyed myself 'cos lookee there...I'm just behind whatnauts and THAT's never happened before!! This reminds me of searchlights during the blitz...not that I was alive then!! LOL Thanks for another great puzzle! :-)


It's anyone's guess, Wendy!!!! hahahaha


I'm glad you enjoyed it Pat, Billie, Lesley and whatnauts. I really enjoyed creating this one. I never made one like this before but just by luck I tried something new for kicks, and then ran with it. :-)

whatnauts, spotlights on what?


Wonderful spotlights, Wendy :))))


Well, Wendy, I didn't expect to do so well with this, but it was fun to do.

I didn't care how long it took to work, I just enjoyed it!


I like it!