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Curlicue Star

48 pieces
93 solves
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I just played the regular, basic, no frills hopscotch as a child. I must have been deprived...

Yes, it was a funny kind of hopscotch,it was quite large,round and round and round til you got to the middle. First person was the winner. DIANE You wouldn't catch me even trying it now,but it's fun to remember.


Ah, sounds like a funny kind of hopscotch, Diane. I hope no snails were harmed in your game either. :))))

No,let me tell you ., When I was younger,on the playground we would draw snail roads,then with a stone ,work our way to the end.Your black and white reminds me of that. Thanx. DIANE


Hi Diane, I'm so glad you enjoyed my puzzle. However, I want to say there are NO snails in this image. I do not chew up, spit out or blend critters in my kaleidoscopes. If you want to see blended critters, go to Jawz' profile. She's incorrigible and blends any and all critters beyond recognition. I can proudly say that no critters were harmed in the making of this puzzle.

There are more snails, black and red spikes, gold center, yellow-green to put it all together. GREAT! Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.