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the hundred acre wood

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Well, probably not a 100 acres but it is a very nicely wooded area. 12/31/12, NC

It was so quiet this particular afternoon I couldn't help but think of Christopher Robin and Pooh. ; )


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Thanks PD and David.

What a spin we are taking today, around the world and back! I had a penpal from England, it was shortly after WWII when I was in grade school, and also one from Peru.


When I was young I had penpals all around the world. One of them (from France) wrote in his letter, "Does the PA in your address stand for Pasadena?" (I don't know how he heard of Pasadena.) When I wrote to say that Pasadena was 3000 miles west of Pennsylvania, he wrote back challenging my sanity. In my next letter I copied a map of France over a map of the United States to the same scale and put a dot on Philadelphia and Pasadena. He never wrote again after that, apparently I had overstepped...


That's true...

Did you ever see the movie "Hunt For Red October"? The character played by Sam Neill is a Russian submarine officer who is so excited about the prospect of being able to travel from state to state (especially to Montana) without needing papers or permission.....


I agree. However, if some of the citizens had had their way we might be 50 countries by now! ; ) Under the Articles of Confederation those states were acting like 13 little countries, definitely NOT united. : )


I loved all these photos, and the comments with them! What Jacques said reminded me of how jealous I often feel when I read the comments of people from Europe, who have traveled to so many countries. I keep forgetting that all the miles I travel could put me in other countries too, if I didn't live here in America! How wonderful it must be to live so close to so many other lands... :-)))


Yes, it is a distance that we do not travel all that often. I last saw them in January, 2012.

Although part of the reason, for not going there more often, is that North Carolina is further south and very warm most of the year. I have difficulty breathing when it is too warm.


my country is much smaller, only 300 miles, you say 800 miles, that's 1200 kilometers, incredible!



This is where my son and daughter-in-law live. I live nearly 800 miles from this wooded area.


Thank you, Jenny, PLG and David. ; )

There are shrews in the garden area, not to be confused with Roos, but they might just scare a Heffalump away!

Garden area, some of it, will be posted tomorrow.


is it all yours???


Help, Help a Heffalump! Heff! Heff! a Helpalump!


A wonderful set, RH! So inviting! Thanks!

We live near Pooh Bridge , Must try to take a piccie one day