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Overlapping Hexagons (Smaller)

49 pieces
75 solves
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Thanks, Rosie--I don't think they're jealous; I think they're teasing me because I tend to put staring dark eyes or ominous black holes in the center of so many puzzles!!!!! I wonder what that says about my mental state..... LOL! I'm so glad that you enjoy what I create! :-)))


Fun shapes and does look like an origami flower. I also like the black center and think any color in that spot would have looked off. They're just jealous that they didn't do this and you did. I love all of the crazy shapes and combinations (color and shape) you've come up with and enjoy solving anything you post. Thanks lots, Rosie.


Thanks, Jan--I think I'm getting to the point where I've gotten all I can get out of rotating and layering the standard shapes of Paint, but it was a fun ride while it lasted! :-)))


What great (if slow for me) fun! Love all the hexagons, Pat! Thanks so much!


Et tu, Ardy?! What dark and foreboding thoughts you have! LOL!


Beware the Ides (and black holes) of March. Is Brutus waiting just beyond? Thanks Pat. If someone's missing we'll know.


Well, Lela, on the March Swirl, you're the one sitting on EVERYONE, so clear your throat and enjoy! :-)))

Thanks, Lela, Edie, and Katie--I wasn't happy with the center, either, but you can see that, as it gets closer to the middle, the sections get really tiny, and it would have looked like a hodge-podge of bits and pieces if I'd kept adding hexagons. I did try using a color for the center, but it looked as if I'd just stuck a cap on it for no reason......Sigh................. (In the loony one, I used the "implode" function to close that gap, but there's nothing like that in Paint...).


This looks like an origami flower. Thanks for the fun design Pat!


I don't know why so many people always end up sitting on top of me!......


AKA the Black Hole. Really enjoyed that Pat, especially sitting on top of Lela. Thanks


There's a piece missing in the middle.......I have my crayons - would you like me to fill it in?....