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Sun Circles

49 pieces
139 solves
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MARY, MARY, MARY! It's so good to see you again and to see that you're still keeping up with your dance moves. Have you started working on the dance step book yet? My guess is that you haven't....which is unfortunate. By the time you ever get it completed, all of us will be too old to use it. LOL


Oh, WENDY WENDY WENDY! WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been soooo missed! I couldn't wait to solve your puzzle. I hope your hand holds up! Doing the Wendy Circles Dance! Wheeeee! 4:40 Thanks, Wendy!


Big Smile for you, Ardy! I've been dying to create puzzles and post again. My hand still hurts but not as badly as when I had to quit altogether. I'm going to TRY to take it easy....but it's so hard for me to not get carried away again.
It's so good to be back and to see you and others. :-)


Wendy, You're back. Yippee!!!! And you brought the sun with you. Thank you. I'm so glad I went scrolling through "most recent" because I had quit checking your profiles. But I had noticed you were signed in today and that you had visited Pat's puzzles. I'm so excited to see you. But please don't overdo. I'm so glad you're back. Can you tell? LOL


Pat, I agree with you. As you well know, I LOVE your off-centered loonies and I probably subconsciously created this with that fact in mind. Your time is super speedy, so there's a good chance that you'll be at the top for a long time. :-)


Love the background design--off-balance and a great change from same-old-same-old-symmetry! This deserves more than 15 minutes of fame!