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Elsa on Her Wall

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I feel so badly for you, and yes I know exactly how you feel about Strider. You will mourn him for a very long time. I cry almost every day for all my lost kitties. We have a family of foxes and some bobcats that have sort of "adopted" us. We have never gone to "get" a cat anywhere, rather they were all strays or ferals. We're in our mid-70's and don't feel it would be fair to take on the care of an "adopted" cat but if another one comes our way we will certainly care for it. BTW, the grey cat on my profile picture is Meow-Growl and he is Elsa's grandson. I did another puzzle of a kittie named Jessye Jaynes..she is Elsa's daughter and MG's mom. Elsa came to us with her 8-wk old baby Jessye and Jessye died a year before Elsa, at age almost 20. Remember all the good things you did with Strider. And thanks for writing, my friend.


PS, the cat before Strider? He was called Gandalf. :)


She is lovely - the wall seems to have been a favourite of hers.

Are you planning on inviting another cat to stay with you or do you already have one? When I lost my first cat I swore I wouldn't have another, it just hurt too much. My partner helped change my mind and we got Strider - who died just a couple of months ago, aged 14! I'm so glad I had him, even though I still tear up when I think about him. I had to delete his puzzles here, I'm not quite ready to see his sweet face.

Anyway, all of this rambling was just to say, Elsa was lovely and I understand how you feel. Hugs.


Thank you so much rob....check out the puzzles I've created....many of them are Elsa. She left us in May at the age of 21 and is so sorely missed.


She looks like a lovely cat priscilla_ pilgrim.