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Colorful Paper Strips! (medium)

81 pieces
142 solves
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It's beautiful!! Sigh! Thanks so much Jan. :)))


Ardy - thanks!
I hope that tonight you are enjoying your fireplace AND doing so with electricity!

Hanne - thank you so very much!

Mariasha - it was quite a bit different wasn't it! I felt like it was a bit salt water taffy! Thanks!

This one was soooo interesting, thanks for the fun!


So you ARE getting the snow, Ardy!! Wish the very best for the power! Thanks so very much Jan, they are simply SO lovely!!


Paper strips? Never would have guessed that. The center one and the top left make me think of ribbon candy. They look good enough to eat. Of course I wouldn't do that!!! Keep trying to pick a favorite but can't. Thanks, Jan. Hope this isn't another rainy day.

We are getting snow. Expecting 6-9 inches by the time it stops tonight. Everything is closed including the Federal government. Several of the rapid transit systems are not running. Great day to stay home and play on Jigidi - at least as long as the power stays on. The electric company is expecting major outage problems. Jan, if I don't show up tonight just assume I'm enjoying my fireplace instead of Jigidi.


Robbie - thanks so much! It's been typical Oregon - a couple of days of sun, a couple of rain and a couple of mixed bags we see ahead. Beach walks are fabulous, so are days reading by the fire!

I am so glad you liked the puzzle!


These are wonderful JB, beautiful colours and designs, thanks. Hope you are enjoying yourself.