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We've taken a new stray, I've named her "Fancy"

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The animal rescue called me Friday, thinking someone had found my missing Lady Muskrat, but it's not her.
This little one showed up at someone's back door Christmas Eve in the snow storm. They took her in to save her, but can't keep her. I went Saturday to check though. She was dirty and skin and bones. I picked her up, and she nuzzled her head under my chin... I couldn't leave her there after that, so I brought her home. Fancy is going to the Vet tomorrow, to see what they can do to get her healthy again. It hurts that she's not my little Muskers, but I still have hope she'll come home.


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She's so lucky you came along and took her to care for and love - I'm sure she will flourish.


I doubt if she would have lasted another two weeks, she was so sick. She was hanging on to life as hard as she was hanging onto me. I couldn't leave her behind.


Awww What a bedraggled little girl - she fell on all four paws when you found each other!


Thank you goingsilver, I swear she is appreciative!
Muskers disapered when we had that really nice weather right before Christmas...then we had 2 snow storms...I can only hope someone has her.


I'm sure Fancy knows she has landed on all 4 paws with you! As others have said, please let us know how she progresses. And I do hope your missing Muskers returns home soon.


You got that right Carol. HOME.

The Vet asked me if I was going to keep her (that was before he did anything to her), I said "YES".
He said, "Ok then", and went to work on her.


I love how you say, she was glad to get back "HOME". :)


Thank you bentleyd, I hope Muskers shows up or someone calls who has her.
Thank you Mimi.
Today was Fancy's first Vet visit, they put her though the mill, she was glad to get back home!


God bless you and your family and Fancy too!


Good luck Healer with Fancy:-) Hope Muskers arrives home soon


Javasage, my husband and I were talking, and I said, "she's a fancy little cat", so I decided to call her Fancy, although, "Here's your one chance Fancy, don't let me down", fits too, I did think of that.

Pumpkin, thank you, I know she's a sick little thing, the morning can't come soon enough for me.

Kittenlove, thank you for your encouagement, I'm also glad to see Callie Lou is better.

Carol, that's a nice idea, I will post pictures of her progress. Thank you.

Robryan, thank you for your kind words. Her eyes look really bad tonight, and she is warm to the touch. I hope it's not a fever.

Jojosmom, thank you for the prayers, it's hard not knowing about Muskers. I'll do the best I can for Fancy, get her to the Vet first thing in the morning and hope for the best.

Pkin, Bless YOU for looking after the strays! When you have a big heart, it holds and gives a lot of love...and also breaks that much harder. But it's worth it.


You sound like me. I started feeding mommy cat then she brought me 5 kittens but something happened to one now I think I feed all the strays in the area. They go thru 15 lbs of dry food every other week. We counted seven the other day. Fancy is a pretty little thing..


God bless you, Healer, for taking in this little bedraggled bit of kitten stuff. She's a sight now, but I'm sure she will blossom under your loving care. I agree with Carol 66--we must have photos of her progress. And I'm praying for you and your missing baby Muskers. Sherry


What a poor, sad, bedraggled little kitten. I hope she settles in & thrives under your loving care Healer. Here's hoping Muskers turns up - I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.


Healer, please post puzzles so we can all follow Fancy's transition to being a healthy, happy, kitty. I think she will look very much like Freya, Catslave's white kitty.

All God's Blessings to Muskers and now Fancy....she really needs glad you were there
to lend your love. I see Callie Lou is doing much better too and hope she feels as good as she looks. All my best to you Fancy...poor dear.


Well, Fancy that! Another adoption in the family of jigidi! Hope the vet can wave the magic wand and make Fancy healthy. She is lucky to have you, Healer!


Healer did you name her from the song "Fancy" by Bobbie Gentry?


Hi Jack, that was very kind. Fancy is trying to fit in, and needs a lot of TLC. But I think she's a keeper.


Callie, thank you. Me too, I want Muskers home.
Fancy will get the once over by the Vet tomorrow. She really needs it. Her eyes are watering and she's sneezing. We are working on what a litter box is......


welcome in the Healer family Fancy!


Have not had a chance to catch up, but just saw the comment you left, and had no idea your little Muskers was missing...hope she does find her way home and none the worse for her adventure!

You've got your hands full with this new bedraggled one, just so grateful you're willing to do it! Thanks! ;-)))


Sag, That's wonderful that you've taken them in.
I have no doubt that they are greatful.


I have never had a animal from anim al rescue. Mine just keep seeing a vaceny sign outside of our house. Right now I have 5 dogs ( 60 to 95 lbs) and 2 cats. That I have taken in. THey are all inside animals now. There are a couple dogs that are outside and they have a large shed with straw and blankets in it for them. and all the food they can eat.


Thank you gnt,
Thank you laura,
Thank you gemstone,
I'll do everything I can for Fancy.
And pray for my Muskers.


Another jigidi rescue: these little ones sure find their guardian angels quickly! I'm so glad she found I hope Lady Muskrat finds her way back to you quickly, too. Blessings.


Thanks Carol. I was sure it wasn't Muskers when I was driving to check. I'm ashamed to say this, but I started to cry in the peoples drive way, they were waiting on me, I was crying at their front door (not willing on giving up finding Muskers). They were kind people and were keeping Fancy in their garage in a cage. She needed someone too.


I think Fancy is about to find out that there is a better life and she will be living it. I hope she gets stronger quickly.


Glad to hear the story about this little one and hope muskrat will show up for you Healer. :)


Oh Healer that made me cry. But I know she will turn out to be a beauty. My Payton is also pure white and I took him from the rescue two days after he came in.....what a sad sight he was......he is a beauty now. I am very sorry about your missing Kitty.