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Abstract 56! (Tile)

54 pieces
81 solves
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Hey, thanks for the heads up, JC! I will be posting all the days. (at 5:30am not much else is happening! LOL). But, I will not have nearly the time for responding to comments, or solving ANY puzzles. I HATE that part.
Merry Christmas to you, JC! It's been fun getting to know you!. Tell Sue we all think you are wonderful!!


I thought I would give you a heads up, Jan. Susan and I are going to be VERY busy next week with company. So, I'm not too sure when I will be able to get onto Jigidi. Susan says I should spend some time with company. (LOL) Not a problem. I love Sue's family and get along great with them!
This will be a new experience for me because I haven't missed a day in over 6 months! I guess I could go into withdrawal. LOL!
There is a possibility, that I can get my company interested in Write a Caption, too. They can get way sillier than me! We'll see.
This will start on the 24th and hopefully by the 29th or 30th, we will back to normal.


You are so very welcome, Kirsten! You must be exhausted from doing all these puzzles! BUT, I am so happy that you did!!! Thanks, my friend!! :S


I agree with puzzaddled! This little beauty reminds me of a stained glass window. An Art Nouveau window. It's divine Jan. And the texture just glows! Thanks so much. :)))


Glad you like it!!! :~) LOL


I've never heard that, Mandy, but I think it is HILARIOUS. And I will use it! Thanks.


LOL - I just read Ardy's comment... and remembered someone "teaching" my children to count to 100.... "One, Two, miss a few, 99 a hundred" !!!!! You must have had the same teacher!!!! LOL thanks for fun puzzle.


JC - AS ALWAYS you were hilarious! I LOVE your captions. (I just try not to play favorites!) ;)


Thank you so much, PJ! This one was fun to do and I'm glad you liked it!


You're a wonderful artist Jan. This is magnificent, love the design and the color combination is great.


Sorry, Jan. I couldn't help myself today on Write a Caption!


Thank you so very much, Michelle, Pat and Ardy! This one was from the same image as the other collages I posted today! It made so many fun images - I will be posting more tiles. They needed very little tweaking!!
Michelle - I wish I could use some of my puzzles in fused glass pieces.

Pat - you are waaay over the top! (and I love it) Thanks so much!

Ardy - I could not think of a title and remembered what you'd said. So, I figured that I could just number it and I've made a bunch of tiles over the months, so why not 56? LOL


Delightful, Jan and fun to solve. Did I somehow miss the previous 55 tiles? Thanks for this one.


Fabulous one, Jan! Your puzzles are extraordinary! :-)))


Love this, Jan. I could see doing a version as a stained glass window. Hmmmmmm. (Ideas tumbling...ok, just saved the never know!)


Thank you so much, Katie! I am glad you liked it! It was sure fun to make!


Hi Jan, this is gorgeous! A brilliant beauty!