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Isolation Blues

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Fabrics in the first two columns are from
The middle column is my own creation using the colours from the first two columns.
Columns four and five are inverted colours of the first two.

The alligator is from the Internet and is reminding people to stay home – but be sure to call / Skype / FaceTime/ Messenger/ etc. your friends to make you feel more connected. Texting works, too. Don’t forget people who are alone, especially the elderly or people who have illnesses like diabetes that could have life threatening low blood sugars

I have my elderly parents and my elderly neighbour living here and even though we are in different levels of the house and keeping our distance from each other I have to remember that I AM THE DIABETIC and have to watch myself. I have to say it’s much easier with the new FreeStyle Libre glucose testing system. I have been able to prevent life threatening low blood sugars and haven’t seen the paramedics in more than three months.

Take care.


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