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More Freehand Circlesfly

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This is the next to the last new set I made before the computer failed...... Sigh......


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Right........ :-P


Hee-hee!...Didn't mean it like that!......


Hmmm.....I'm not sure that's very complimentary, you know.............!


It's a shame you can't just re-post your old ones......I'm sure nobody would even realize!.......


He's been working on a project that requires a lot of time, but he did take a look at my computer, and couldn't come up with a fix that didn't require spending more time than he had. I didn't think it was right to tell him that he was being selfish--just how important is his work, and providing for his wife and child, when my creating jigsaw puzzles hangs in the balance, really?! So, I'll have to wait a little longer....... Not that there are any guarantees that a fix will be found then, either......

I tried Bob's iMac this morning for a little bit--I'm not used to the mouse, which has no buttons or wheel, and it doesn't have a Paint program, which is Microsoft, but he thinks that, if I go into his office computer through the iMac, that I will be able to use Paint that way. Meanwhile, I'll try to find a paint-type program from Apple, but I am terrible at starting new programs--that's why I've stuck with Paint and LunaPic all this time. So we will see what happens later.....

Thanks so much, everyone, for all your support! I still have another variation on this Freehand Circles left to post, that is in the queue already, so today is still okay--as long as you're not tired of this same design, of course! :-)))


Please tell your son that we, here at Jigidi, are begging him to rescue you from your plight of being computer-less. He must drop whatever is keeping him from his Mother's side and help her in this time of great need. Or, at the very least, bring a replacement ASAP. I don't know how any of us will survive without your beautiful, colorful creations that so light up our days. But I do still have some in my bookmarks from before I started on Jigidi last Dec.. So I do have some of your earlier works to keep me entertained but have so enjoyed all of your newer experiments.

This is too beautiful to be any kind of fly. It must be a butterfly.I would ike to add my condolences for your computer.I will miss your puzzles dear girl.


Unless I missed it , Pat, this is the first circlesfly. They was a circlerfly posted on March 11. Whatever - I had a good time with this fly. Thanks so much. Do hope your son can rescue your work.


This is a really fun and colorful fly Pat! I'm sure hoping that your son can get your computer restarted. Or at the very least the hard drive can be rescued.


I savoured every piece as I put it into place Pat in preparation for the time of famine that is to come. Hoping for a quick fix where ever it may come from. Thanks


Lelabugosi, shame on you!

Pat, have hope that your son can repair the computer. We are all rooting for you, despite comments made by a certain big-eared fellow. Where is Robbie when we need him?


OMG.............. Sob............Now I know what it's like to attend my own wake........

lelabugosi brings to mind the well-known song..........
"And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain..........
Requests, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention............
I planned each charted course
Each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this
I did it my waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.............. "