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Cats and Dogs for Edie

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It makes me happy to see you smile, PJ. :-)


How cute Barb, - such sweet little things - made me smile :-)


I love both cats and dogs, although right now I only have a cat. I'm also a fan of the small puzzles and thank you so much for making this one! I'm trying hard to spend less time sitting on the couch with my laptop, and that means less time at Jigidi for me. At least it's finally starting to warm up a bit so I can spend more time outside!


Barb, I'm definitely a dog person and have always had dogs....until our family moved to a town where it's too dangerous for dogs with the traffic. I've learned to settle for the two cats we have.


Glad you enjoyed this, Sissel. Thanks for stopping by. :-)


I knew you had to be a dog person, Pat, from your avatar, but nice to know you like cats too. :-)


You're very welcome, Edie. Always fun to have you solve my puzzles and to have a brief chat. :-)


Love this Barb - thanks for sharing :-)


Wendy's right--it IS adorable! I'm a dog and cat person, so this was just right! :-)))


So glad you like it, Edie, and if I had been really clever, I would have used 2 dogs and 7 cats. LOL
Yes, it's supposed to be a nice day today, sunny and warmer than it has been recently. Have a wonderful day. :-)


Awww, I feel so special now. Thank you Barb. You just made my morning. Love this and there's nine of them too. It gave me the extra speed to jump to the top of the board. I'm truly speechless at your thoughtfulness and we're also going to be treated to a sunny and warmish day today. Life is good.


Thanks, Wendy, I trust you are another dog or cat lover? I'm a dog person myself. :-))


I changed my mind. 500% ADORABLE!


Barb, this is ABSOLUTELY 100% ADORABLE!


Thanks, Kirsten. I imagine Edie will be stopping by soon to solve your puzzles. Love to read some of her comments. :-))


It's a cutie, Barb! And lovely of you to make it for Edie. I'm sure she'll love it. Thanks for the fun! :)))


You're welcome, Ardy. It's nice to do a small puzzle every once in awhile. And I'm sure Fluffy will let you know when she wants to go out. :-)


Cute, Barb. I'm surprised that Fluffy isn't fussing to go out. She's been in all night. Maybe she just wants to keep these cute cats and dogs company. Thanks for a little one.


Yes, I think many of us are animal lovers : )) There certainly are a number of animal photos posted on the site.


Thanks, Gwen. Edie was commenting that I hadn't posted any 'small' puzzles in the last couple of days so this is for her. She is a lover of animals which I suspect many of us are. :-)


These are too cute! I like the pattern of colors and arrangement. Edie will like it.