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For Ank--A Belated Birthday Wish For Sunshine, Flowers, & Flutterbys

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Why treker, after all that 'trekking' you've done I would think this little doo-dad was a cake-walk for you! Teeheehee. Glad you liked it, Buddy..............


Gotta hand it to you Ann, this puzzle wore me out!! Gud un!


Hey Plum Sugar!! So glad you stopped by. This lantana has just spread like crazy, even to climbing UP & twining in the fence. It will die down this Winter but now that its roots have taken hold I almost shudder to think what it will do next year. I'm beginning to think it is an Alien from another world out to take over Earth!!
The flutterby is pitch black & the most brilliant yellow imagineable. I don't know why those stripes came out white in the photo, but most of the pro photos I saw are that way, too.
I'm feeling really pretty good now. I'm hoping that my Autumn Ordeal is about over now. Thanks, Robbie. Tell "Lovely" hello................


Hi AJ, just passing through and saw this, what a lovely arrangement you have here. I have never seen this butterfly but the flowers look like our sage ones here. Fun puzzle and hope you are feeling a lot better. Hugs from plum sugar!


Thanks Ann, you're very sweet.


Thank you very much Sissel, Elfie, & Mimi for your compliments. This plant has really outdone itself for me this year--its FIRST year with me. I can barely imagine what it will be like when it comes back after the Winter is over!! It might just cover my whole property & climb up every tree!! :-D I said that jokingly but it is being considered an invasive specie here in Fla. nowadays, I believe. So I must keep it in-bounds.
Thanks again my Friends..............
Ank, I DID think of you & your birthday on that day. I just was hurting a bit & was trying not to strain my eyes, so my thoughts did go over the ocean to you saying, "Happy Birthday, Ank. Hope it's a good one!" I was hoping you would catch them as they came by! :-) Thanks for the hugs & I send some to you, too.................


This is a grand picture Ann. Thanks!


Wow Ann, what a beautiful birthday card. You know I love the Lantana. It's beaytiful and I love butterflies too. I always have a lot in my garden. At his time of the year they are gone it becomes to cold for them.
Ann you did not just let my birthday pass. You was at the hospital that day, for an eye operation. How could you think of my birthday, I think there was something else in your head. But I like it very much that now you feel some better that you made this lovely present for me. Thanks a lot dear, I send you hugs.


Oh, it's so lovely Ann, Ank will love it!! Thanks so very much!!


Beautiful Ann - thanks for sharing :-)


Hello Pat & Patti! Thank you both. I am learning to take my little camera with me almost every time I step out the door. I just wish all the photos I take were good ones! This one was on the way to the mailbox---I had seen this butterfly, or one like it, several times but it flies each time it sees me move to get a better position. That's why it is a bit blurred. I just wish the white stripes on it had come out the gorgeous yellow they are for real--so pretty & so bright. Anyhow, I thought about how I had let Ank's B'day pass by & hoped this would let her know I had not forgotten but just wasn't quite up to doing anything about it that day & evening. Thanks for your reassurances. That lantana sure has done extra duty as a photographic subject these last few days. It is still blooming so well & the butterflies are so very grateful. Now it, and they, have become a decoration for the mental birthday cake I send to Ank.
I am doing well now; the worst is over! Hooray for that! Thanks, Ladies..............


Lovely, Ann. And I agree with Pat -- Ank will love this. Also, sounds like things are well with you. Glad to hear that.


awesome puzzle i'm sure Ank will love this. Pat


Ank, so sorry I missed your birthday. I was somewhat 'out of it', as they say. I think I didn't even sign on, but I thought about you. And I did have a good outcome at the surgery center. I hope your day was wonderful & you received many gifts, especially gifts of love from those YOU love. Again, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ...............