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..nothing I could say...

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I'm sure that no dogs were harmed in the making of this photo! A few seconds to snap a cute photo won't hurt the dog, and there's no reason to think that the child was there for longer than that. My big labradoodle will jump on/drape herself over/catch a ride on my much smaller labradoodle (just like my previous big Labrador with my smaller Labrador), and the smaller dog will happily accept that play--and the weight difference is much greater than the one here...

I agree too much weight for this size dog, I wouldn't put a child on my sturdy 50 lb working dogs and this one probably weighs no more than 25. But it is a great photo.


I doubt that the dog was being abused. Since that looks like a photo taken in an oriental country, I'm glad he's not dinner!


,,,,but to her it's a horse, imagine the memories she will have.....
Thank you cobalt for you comment...


Poor dog! This is not a horse...