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The Waterfall Island at Iguazu Falls

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Oh what a shame Mariolyn, you might have to go back and take a better look.


When we went there was a drought and hardly any water - maybe 1978-79

The correct spelling is "Quatti".
Similar to a raccoon, the quatti is indigenous to Central America.

May be kwati is the local name, they look like a little bears but they have a long tail in two colours.


Exquisite waterfall, Thanks Jan.


bubi... looked up Kwati on the computer. No results under that name for an animal. I assume they are some kind of small monkey perhaps in the Arab counties. You might be referring to a monkey in the South American area near this fall. I would love to see what this animal looks like.


Bibi I will look up kwati. Had not heard of these naughty animals but they sure sound cute.
Jan and Ank ready to see this for yourselves.


Bubi is so very lucky to have seen this!!


Wow wow wow very very beautiful. Love this Jan.

I have seen it from the Brazilian side, near by the 3-countries point /Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil/. I loved the naughty animals "kwati", stealing banana's from the tourists, may be somebody has pictures of those funny animals.


This is a place I have ALWAYS wanted to see! Now I just have to get to Argentina. I think bubi is right!

Thanks so much, Jan!!!


bubi, you a very welcome, this is truly amazing.

Thank you so much for posting a picture from the most beautiful place in the world /my modest opinion/


Robbie and Pat... thanks for dropping by.


Awesome thanks Jan


This is gorgeous BJ, thanks.