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First Attempt at Blending

40 pieces
172 solves
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Hope you don't mind my experimenting. I watched a tutorial and had to give blends a test drive.


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What would I do without Mandy and Whatnauts. Thanks for the vote of confidence. No I must figure out when and where to use new techniques. This one will probably appear soon in another puzzle. So much fun to be little time. Thanks to you both for cheering me and others on. It means the world to the artists in residence.


Hi Judy, the puzzle is appealing and the other creators have been very complimentary - you are well on your way!!


An excellent job Judy - I would say your experiment is a resounding success. Thanks :~)


Chrissie, thanks for letting me know I could leap, but I think I'll only do that in cyberland where I won't fall on my face and have to call someone to get me up! Every tutorial looks straightfoward, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a time of it when going solo. I've still not come close to controlling curves with the pen tool, but learning is a process, and I'd hate to run out of new horizons. I want to ask you a gazillion questions about your techniques, so I know there's still much fun to be had. Thanks for your encouragement, and I'll continue to experiment.


Gail, I thank you for giving me a passing grade. I don't know all the possibilities for this technique, but it's good to practice what we learn. :-)) Now if I could only drive....


And a most successful attempt at blending it is too. In fact, Judy I think you have skipped the attempt phase altogether and leapt into success :-) Blending can look quite easy when we see it demonstrated but, oh the trials and tribulations when we go solo! You are doing fine... experiment away :-)


You passed with flying colors. I definitely would give you a driver's license if I was your instructor.


You are very welcome, Pat. I thank you for the nice comment.


Very good puzzle thanks...