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Yellow Vase

88 pieces
101 solves
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Nice composition could easily be an early autumn arrangement.


Hey, TG . . . . here I am doing your Feb/2013 puzzle again!
I miss your puzzles, so have gone back thru your "oldies" and bookmarked ten to do again!

About the same here in Central Ohio LuluK. Spring will be sweet indeed after a snowy winter.


That is a wild and crazy arrangement, TG!!!


An interesting collection, TG. I wonder what the plain yellow vessels are made of. Could be metal or glass?

I needed cheerful greens this's 16 degrees and WHITE out !! Very sunny, glaring snow that creaks as the cars pass by. Two days ago it was 62 degrees with thunder, lightening, and torrential rain...this is MICHIGAN after all. Thank you, TG, keep the warmth headed this direction.