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Cape Meares Lighthouse!

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Thanks, Michelle. I got lucky with that shot. The sun was just right. They also had a couple of view points there with unbelievable views, but the sun was right in your face. So sad! And, you are right about the calories! I am now down 85 pounds! So I lost a bit on vacay!


Kirsten - you are so right. What would I give for just a piece of that blue sky right now. Maggie and I hate walking in the rain!!!!! And guess what - we went to the coast to storm watch and we got those gorgeous sunny days! Well, they are having storms now. Pretty good ones! Funny, huh!


I agree with everyone, Jan. The colours of sea and sky are a gorgeous contrast against the shadows and fall greenery against the brilliant white. (And just think of the righteous calories burned. LOL) Thanks!


I think it's sweet and different. And sometimes that's a good thing I reckon, Jan. And look at that sky! How blue is that? Gorgeous composition - thanks for taking it and sharing it with us. :)))


Any lighthouse is a good one! This one was quite neat and well-tended! Thanks, Ardy!


I guess if it does it's job it doesn't matter how big or small it is. I hope being able to post this lovely photo makes up for the huffing and puffing part as well as the disappointment in its size. And just think - you did it!!!


JC - I cannot tell you how small it was! And we have some very grand lighthouse at the coast. This was the first time I'd been here and it was such a disappointment. But the wayside surrounding it was gorgeous with lots of lovely vistas! So, it's all good!


Graciela - Thanks so much!!


I can see the disappointment. All head and no neck.


Beautiful picture JB! thanks


This is quite a stubby little cuties, as lighthouses go. What you see is the whole thing. The lighthouse can be seen from the parking area a quarter of a mile away. We could clearly see the top (all the dark 1/2) and I just had to get a picture of the whole thing.
Well, It is downhill all the way TO the lighthouse, but you know what that means! So, I huffed and puffed my way back up, quite disappointed that this was all there was to see. :D


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