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Crochet Flowers on Rainbow :)) I

48 pieces
128 solves
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Gracias Spiderman, es bueno saber que te hayan gustado mis florecitas de ganchillo. :)) Ya veo que has estado muy ocupado esta noche. :))


Hola Dagmar tu cuadro es muy bonito. Spiderman


That would be more than adequate for you or better even SCW (Super cat woman). :)))


Thanks for the clues, Dagmar. I must be CW = cat woman.


Thanks, PJ, I'm happy you liked the idea. :))


Dagmar - wonderful design and idea..


Hi Ardy, your eyes are really very good if you saw the drop shadows of the flowers. :)) I also like rainbows, the more colours the better and I'm happy to provide you with a few colourful minutes in your morning. :))) Thanks looking in and leaving this lovely message. :))


Hi Edith, es war sicher furchtbar früh und du hast gut daran getan noch einmal ins Bett zu gehen. :)) Ich wäre um diese Uhrzeit sicher nicht wach gewesen. Vielen Dank für deine lieben Zeilen, es ist immer eine Freude deine Kommentare zu lesen.


Hi Gail, not much code here RW = running woman and SW = strolling woman, talking about women that are always on the run. :))
Thanks for your visit and comment. :))))


Hi Kirsten, it's always very refreshing reading one of your comments. :))) After a long day a big smile is a very good thing. Thanks for your visit and have a great Wednesday, as by now you must be starting your day already.


Amazing, Dagmar, and so colorful. Always like rainbow themes. I see shadow effects in the yellow and green area "flowers". Thank you for a fun few minutes in my morning.


Very nice Dagmar. It's like a linen rainbow with flowers floating along. I really enjoyed it. Now I'm going to try and get a bit more sleep. It's still very early here. Thank so much


I echo everything Kirsten said. But I don't understand her code words!


Beeyoodeefull colours and textures Dagmar!! I really think you are the queen of these divine canvases. I love the fabric texture too!! And how could I not love the little kaleido-like flowers. I hope you're not so much RW today, as SW (strolling). :)))