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Fried rice for lunch!

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Made with rice, onions, carrots, parsley, and eggs. Easy to make, and very tasty. Original recipe called for celery, but since I had none, I used carrots instead.


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sure looks good
wish I had some for supper


Flyed lice are much better protein than a cow, anyway.

Just wanted to say I'm back, and left a message on my puzzle. Good thing I type at 130 wpm.

Thanks to all of my Jigidi friends for thinking of me. I likewise thought of all of you.


Hi there, Mo. I just spoke to Gail. She doesn't have her computer working yet. She wanted me to let you know that she will email you as soon as she can. She's home, safe and all is well. Of course, she has to get all of her belongings back home and then unpack everything. She is exhausted, as is to be expected. Just wanted to let you know. Jan :)


I know I'm late to the party, but could I please have some leftovers for my breakfast? Thanks, Plum!


And more protein! ;-)


As far as I can tell, Gayle, no lice, flyed or otherwise, found their way into my flyed lice. Or if they did, they were totally tasteless.


Whenever I hear or read the name of this, I immediately think of my husband's play on words, "You want flyed lice?" Somehow it makes it seem unappetizing. This, however, looks scrumptious, lice or not. :-)


I agree, Andy. The older I get, the more distasteful it seems to be to eat one of my fellow creatures. The death penalty for creatures that have committed no crime is hard to swallow. I will never understand how anyone can work in a slaughterhouse.


Nuts are a FANTASTIC food - I work them into my diet as much as I can remember (aye, there's the rub...) But they are just so good for you and a great source of protein if your not much on, ahem, eating meat.


Thanks, janc., PKH, and Andy. And a special thanks for the almond suggestion, Andy. I love all kinds of nuts, (I keep jars of walnuts, pecans, and almonds on my kitchen counter for munching) but did not think to put any in the fried rice. Next time!


Yes, there are as many variations for fried rice as there are for spaghetti or other classics - infinite! My favorite add-on for this is toasted slivered almonds. It gives it a nice crunch counterpoint for whatever assortment of veggies that you have in there! Thanks Plum!


Nice thing about fried rice is you can use just about any veggie you have on hand. The carrots were a nice addition.

Looks YUMMY!