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Old rowan berry trees, Sweden

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The birds like them very much and actually you are able to make them into a very special and - I think - delicious jelly which goes very well with venison and things like that. But never ever eat them raw!! Bitter is NOT at all the word, they are much worse. If you look closely you can see all the berries on the trees in the background. It was heavenly to look at!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Beautiful. I may have asked this before, but do the birds like these berries? My dogwood berries are gone as soon as they ripen as the cardinals can hardly wait. It doesn't produce in the quantity as I see here though. Thanks, Hanne. This is really gorgeous, especially when I zoomed in on just the tree tops - Wow.


They were everywhere - it was just SO beautiful!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


And just loaded with the berries. Thanks Hanne.