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Country Church

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Not sure who the artist is. Looks like Abraham Hunters art.


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It is hard teaching small children sometimes, especially if they are NOT our own. It is hard to answer questions that we feel we are not that qualified to answer but we do (or did) our best. :-)) Oh, the Lemonade and a fluffy cloud seems just right for the two of us. Ahhhhhhh!!! Yes, Ginger is waiting. :-)


Cinderfire is waiting for us, too.


Your memories are just like mine. I taught 1st grade for 2 years. I always felt that I wasn't qualified. Always worried I wouldn't remember their names. I had them wear name tags so I could call on them without always asking their names. I remember one little girl asking me if her parents are going to hell because they didn't got to church...sent for the priest. I didn't know what to say to her. Your supposed to keep Holy the Sabbath day but to scare this little girl was too much for me. I had similar questions from the sweet children and I couldn't answer them. I just wasn't the right fit for teaching. Maybe I should have tried 8th grade.??? We will get to meet but not her on Earth. Hope they have lemonade up in heaven so we can find a cozy cloud and relax and talk, talk, talk. Hugs......................


Yes it does sound wonderful, Annie. What precious memories that must be. One of the churches I attended as a child was very small and the adults "roped off" (with big curtains) sections of the small sanctuary for our Sunday School rooms. There were just a few real Sunday School rooms and a sanctuary so you can imagine that it was not a quiet situation but everyone managed. :-) I live just up the road about 2 miles from that same church now. New rooms and a fellowship hall have been added to it, yet the original "building" is still there. :-) I do not attend that church now. We moved to another area in this same community when I was 12 and I began attending another church close to our home and later became a member of that church and a Sunday School teacher. (Ages 8 to 10) I taught those children for about 23 years before I gave it up. :-)) It was odd seeing the children I taught coming to church with THEIR children. :-)) This was also a small country church but a little larger than the other one with more rooms and a basement with rooms. Oh my, you and I could talk and talk all day if we were to ever meet. (ha)


That sounds wonderful, taunteanna! :)


When I was young, eons ago, (lol) our family went to a church like this. We did live in the country and the church was so small and quaint. Outside they had a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother in the pine trees with candles you could light. It’s was so awe inspiring to see the illumination of that at night. We used to go there to say prayers. Miss those days terribly.


This is wonderful. I can hardly believe that big church is sitting right next to a RED BARN but I love the picture and I love the barn. The church is nice too and I guess this is what would be called a "country" church. :-))) Thank you for posting this, Annie. Such fun to solve.


Donna, there’s a red barn next to the church!


Beautiful! :)

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