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Gloria was such a pretty, bright-eyed doll. She, too, is living happily with her new owner!


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Thank you, Dollcollector - I have left an answer to your comment on your folk dolls puzzle.


Niccolino59, Thanks for directing me to your doll puzzle, I have solved
some of your doll houses but hadn't come across actual dolls. I guess
what you are stating above is that Gloria, was sold on ebay and has a
new home. Gloria looks a lot more healthy than the partial doll that I posted,
I haven't had time to solve the mystery as to why I only ended up with
her lower half, hope I can find her total. I hope you are doing much better
healthwise, since the time you posted this in Feb. of 2013. Hope I find more
puzzles of your dolls soon, right now I have too much on my 'plate' to handle
than spending time on the computer, which is one of my minor problems.
Take care and thanks for sharing you doll puzzle. I will solve it asap. I am
dealing with a major crisis now involving a claim on my homeowner's insurance
policy, which I have had coverage from them since the 1970's and now I need
their help, and they don't want to work with me.


Many thanks, Graciela.


Hi Nicky, don't worry it is very easy to miss comments. I know exactly how you feel, I'd seen my friend's suffering. You are right, stress can play a big part, my friend has 5 kids and the oldest is only 18! that's a lot of stress right there. I think the climate of the Canary Islands has a lot to do with people feeling better when they are there. Maybe you should give it a try. Just take it easy, one step at the time. Hugs! Graciela


Graciela - Please forgive me for not replying to your post until now. I don't know how I missed it. I do appologise, and yes of course you can call me Nicky!

I found what you said about your friend and the Canary Islands very interesting. It could well have something to do with the climate, but I'm also wondering if she had a lot less stress while residing there because research has proved that stress can play a big part in enhancing the M.E. and making it flare up because M.E. people's bodies and nervous systems are running on overdrive all the time so even small stresses have an effect. How is your friend now? Yes, it's a sad fact that people and the medical profession often still don't really understand M.E. because it's so complicated as so many different systems in the body are involved, and it can make you feel like you're going completely crazy.

I have found the technique of 'pacing' (not doing too much of one activity at a time, ie, changing from doing something physical to something like a mental exercise, and resting at regular times) and graded exercise (ie very gradually building up from a few minutes gentle stretching exercise every day to half an hour's exercise daily), along with avoiding foods and substances like sweeteners (sorbitol, saccharin, aspartame, etc) and caffeine to be of the best help. It's important to do the graded exercise thing according to the plan, not according to how one feels (we often really don't feel like exercising!) and this means a temporary increase in symptoms can occur, but it's important to keep going for at least two weeks to give it a chance. It's also important if one contracts a virus to reduce exercise back down, and it does mean building up again very very slowly to avoid the crash and burn that often arises when we do too much.

I hope you find this information helpful. Best Wishes to you. Nicky.


Thank you, Ardy, that's really kind of you. You have a lot to contend with yourself with the limiting arthritis and the diabetes - thank goodness it's not as bad as it could be. I find I had 'black dog' days where I really feel the weight of it all, but most of the time I can talk myself round and see that I am actually very fortunate. The best piece of advice I was given regarding the diabetes is that you have to look at your plate of food and make sure the vegetables take up the biggest portion on your plate, then the meat/fish/protein, then the starch (potato/rice/pasta or whatever). You have done so well to lose all those pounds. I lost quite a bit initially, but then Christmas got in the way and I got a really bad virus - we all went down with it here, and my hsuband is still getting over it. I was lucky that I was able to rest and be sensible and listen to my body so I didn't get as ill as I could have because viruses really affect the M.E. I think in the past I was a workaholic and pushed myself to limits that were inappropriate, even when I was ill with viruses I'd never take time of work and was always busy doing something. I had a very difficult childhood with abuse and think it all got too much so my body just shut down - a bit like a piece of elastic - you can only stretch it so far before it snaps. The best thing I did was realise I'm not the only one or the worst, and ok I couldn't do much, but I could pray for others in my situation where ever they may be - that brought a lot of comfort cos I felt like I was doing something good just laying there. My daughter was only 10 wen I went down with this last bout 16yrs ago, but I taught her how to cook - I'd lay on the couch and shout the instructions through to the kitchen and arrange the herbs and spices in the rack in a certain way so she knew which ones to use! So, although I would love not to have it, it hasn't been all bad. I was able to do all those tapestries, and when I got well enough I joined a craft club. I think God gave me a few craft skills cos he knew I was going to need them! I know jigidi isn't a forum, but it's great to chat to you and other people from all over the world. I just love Robbiel's shells, and the birds that people post are fantastic as are the snow scenes and wonderful plants and flowers. I'm getting to know quite a few people as they pop up so regularly. Thanks very much again. My mother was Belgian and they have a great phrase they end their letters with: 'Bonne Continuation', so that's what I'll end with... wishing you Bonne Continuation et Meilleurs Voeux, (good continuation and bes wishes) Nicky.


May I call you Nicky? I am familiar with fibromyalgia, one of my good friends was diagnosed with it, she is only 35. She thought she was going crazy! poor thing. Somebody advised her to go to the Canary Islands and she stayed for a couple of months, almost a miracle, all the time she stayed there she was feeling ok! She came back to Canada and she was back to the same way she was feeling before. She is considering going back to the islands and staying there. I believe it has something to do with the climate.


Nicky, you have so much to contend with. So glad you have a support group. I have some arthritis in my hips, lower back, shoulders and neck but it isn't painful - just limiting. About 2 1/2 years ago I found that I am border-line diabetic but eliminating refined sugars keeps it under control. The doctor has me check it every 6 months but no meds or daily checks. I am overweight but have lost about 30 pounds over that 2 /12 year period. I have about 25 more to go to reach goal; weight but even this much has been a big help. My, I admire you for all you are able to do. I think it's really awesome. Isn't Jigidi a great place. No matter how ill or disabled we can all enjoy being together and forming friendships regardless. And people care about one another as I am learning to care about you. You are now on my daily prayer list.


Hi Ardy - M.E. is Myaligic Encephalomyelitis. It's where the myelin sheath surrounding the brain becomes inflamed and therefore damaged. It can be the result of a virus or from an accident which involves a brain injury. The resulting symptoms are many and varied but the basic ones are exhaustion, pain in joints and muscles, blurred vision and inability to tolerate bright lights and/or loud noises (noises and lights appear louder and stronger than usual). The endocrine and digestive systems are usually affected, resulting in food allergies and intolerances. I've had it since age 14 and don't know how I got through school and college, but did somehow, and managed to work for a number of years until I had a really bad flare up when I caught the 'flu 16yrs ago - I'm still getting over that one! But I'm a lot better now than I was because I couldn't get out of bed for 3yrs when the flare up happened. I think some people call it fibromyalgia, and one of our jigidi friends has it - she and her husband both post puzzles on jigidi. Over here in England the medical profession has only just begun to recognise it as a genuine condition - we all got labelled as lazy layabouts who didn't want to work!!! I used to be a secretary/PA to five men at Oxford University and believe me I would rather not have the M.E. and be able to work! The medical profession also tried to label us all as psychiatric cases as a lot of us sufferers get quite bad depression, and no one is sure whether it's caused as a result of having to give up a lot (I used to ride horses, do grade VI ballet, walk miles, etc but haven't been able to do any of that for quite a number of years) or whether it's part of the actual illness because the illness involves the brain. I took great comfort in finding a support/self-help group locally and think it's important for like-minded people to get together because we can share coping strategies and, not that I'd wish this on anyone, but I see that there are people worse than me out there so it kinda gives me a kick up the rear not to be sorry for myself! I also think it's good if one can use something horrible in their life to help someone else who's going through the same thing because it then transforms the horrible thing into something for good - if that makes sense?!! I also have Scheuerman's disease in my spine, bursitis in hips and knees (think I have another one in my shoulder now so have to go and get that checked out), and I'm celiac and diabetic so have a few extra things on top to contend with lol! I enjoy going to the disabled swimming club twice a week which helps keep me a bit fit and does help keep the weight down because it's a problem when one can't exercise as much anymore. I fell over a box and spiral fractured my ankle a couple of xmases ago and boy did I realise the value of legs! I used to complain that mine wouldn't do what I wanted them to do, but when I couldn't walk at all it really brought it home to me that I should be grateful for legs that do work, if only a bit lol! I have a steel rod and 6 screws in that one and can get about a lot better now, thank goodness. I've rambled on so will stop now and get back to doing my ebay listings - we cleared the attic a few years ago and still have a spare room full of things to find new homes for! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day (or it could well be evening in your part of the world!) The weather here is odd today - strange little puffballs of snow, and very light - makes a hissing noise as it falls on the trees - weird! Hoping to go see a cat I've chosen from an animal shelter an hour's drive away tomorrow - I do hope she likes us and we like her when we meet! I'm glad you enjoy doing my doll pictures - I'm hoping to post some of my doll houses soon! All for now. Best Wishes, Nicky.


Beautiful doll and beautifully arranged for the picture as well. Thank you for sharing.

Nicky you have mentioned several times M.E. I usually know most medical terms but I don't know what this one is. Are you comfortable telling me about it?


Yes, I used to collect dolls (mainly from thrift shops!) but had too many in the end so I sold a lot of them and just kept the ones I really couldn't part with, and one or two really nice big ones. I used to collect so many things - dolls, teddy bears, blue and white china, certain books, paperweights, and I still collect dolls houses and minaturia (mostly 1/12th scale but some 1/16th). I'm hoping to post a few of my dolls house pictures soon... I had a huge clear out of dolls and bears when we had work done to the house as I couldn't store it all - and the loft was crammed with my daughter's toys, games and books from when she was little. We really did have to sort through an awful lot, but we did it. I've still got a spare room full of bags of clothes to sell on eBay, then (hopefully) I'll be all eBayed out and I can concentrate on my craftwork - I love making cards, doing things with beads, crochet and tapestry. I found I could do craftwork once the M.E. got a bit better which was good because it gave me something else to think about!


Wow, your collection of dolls is beautiful! Where do you get them? Like at auctions or antique stores? I have one doll that's like that, but I got it for 10 bucks at a garage sale. Turns out there are only 500 copies in the world! And from your description, it seems as though you resell them?


Did you have a collection of dolls?

My daughter had a collection at one time.