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Owl with Mustache?

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I kept seeing animals in this image. What do you see?


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Kirsten - I hardly ever see anything in a puzzle but a beautiful design, so don't feel bad! If you had fun, well, I did my job! :))

Monica - a hippo? I love hippos, I am just going to have to look harder! Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you had fun!!


I see an elephant! Or is it a hippo? Wow! I see what you mean Jan! Thanks, that was fun!...Monica.


I don't want to weird anyone out or anything, but I see ................................................. a really nice puzzle. :)

Sorry for my lack of imagination. :(


Heidi - I see that one! LOL


Now I see a rabbit with purple ears.....with a frilly collar like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland.


Roerick3 - My idol Miss Piggy will be very pleased with this portrait! I loved it, as well as your other "visions!" Thank you!

Pat - Thanks so very much! Yep, I see the elephant's trunk! The original image was in oranges and reds. That might have changed what people saw!

Ank - It is a heart! LOL


Heidi - are you SURE the guinea pig was in THIS puzzle? LOL Thanks so much, Heidi! :)

Ardy - as usual, you see so many things! I wish I had that talent! Thank you!!! :D

Ank - thanks so much - I just saw those new things! :D


I see something more, but I can't write that, then they throw me from membership. lol


My first thoughts were ram's horns and pig's snout, but now I can see an elephant's trunk, too..... Whatever it is, it's squinting at me! LOL! Great colors and design!


I immediately saw rams horns with a heart right under them, then a weird nose with a curled handlebar moustache, now I see Miss Piggy!!!!!


Ram's horns, kissing lips and a tulip. Is that enough? lol. Dinner time, bye bye.


Jan, I see a pair of elephant trunks curling away from each other. I also see a chambered nautilus on either side of the "trunks" Or there is some type of laughing, mustached creature - I'm not sure what. Lots of fun and wonderful color combination. Thank you.


I like being different. I saw a guinea pig.


PJ, I had intended it to be a work of art. Then, it just got funnier and funnier as the animals "appeared." Thanks so much for your comments! :D

Fileusa - Thank you so much. I appreciate that so much! The ram's horns are definitely there! :))


Looks really good. what a natural gift you have. I see a ram's horns.


I agree with the lion and the walrus - an unusual combination. Jan - what an hilarious and colorful creation - so fun.


Barb - when I saw all the blue appearing, I thought of you. It was originally full of orange. THAT would have been very lion-y! thanks!

Okiedokie - (I do love your name!) Thanks for the feedback.....I have a feeling there will be more lion people!


A lion was the third animal I thought of. :-))

i saw a lion right away


The first animal I thought of was a walrus, then I could see an elephant. I think it's the tusk like images in the middle. Lovely puzzle with my fave colours, Jan, thanks. :-)