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Purple Berries

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I don't know what these are, but they are growing all over the place here. I see them along the side of the road. This was taken at Bremmer Sanctuary in Hillsboro, IL on Mon, Sept 16, 2013.


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So, I could dye my hair a nice dark color and not have to pay a hairderesser to do it?


Nice photo, Laura. The berries make a serious dye that is colorfast-it doesn't wash out.


I thought it was fun...and I would like to take some this year, too.


That was fun, i may have to to the ornaments again.


Thanks, Morris. I guess if you look hard enough, you will always find thing to take pictures of. Christmas ornaments, included. Hee hee.

I never heard that song before BK, but thanks for the clip!

Thanks, Mimi. I agree with you on that!


I love this picture! It's a needed reminder to see the beauty in simple things, thanks! :))


LOL Laura, it goes back a-ways!


Nice photo of them, Laura!


Scorof, I never knew you could do that! That's great.

Thanks Scorof, Cinderfire, Beekay, Jojo, Lorna and Pat!

Beekay, what song??


They sure make a great picture and puzzle ...


Wonderful colours. Thanks Laura.


It amazes me all the time, how something so simple as a few berries on a bush and some green leaves can be so stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing , Laura.


Aw laura, now I got that song in my head and it's not going away!


I won't eat the berries, but might try scorof's recipe if I ever find this plant. Its actually very pretty. Thx laurajane.

In the spring when the shoots are small, you can cook and eat this as you would spinach. My mom used to boil it and drain it. Then cut it up into a cast iron skillet with some bacon drippings and break several eggs into it and scramble it up. It's great with apple cider vinegar as a topping. The berries were used as dyes and they are considered poisonious.


I read that Pokeweed can be used medicinically, too. The list of uses is amazing. Thanks, Chickie and Pumpkin! I also like the different colors of the berries, Pumpkin.


The different colors of purple and green are very nice.


Yes it is Laura. I love the red stems also.


Is it Pokeweed, by chance?