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Glad you know my feeling when I lost the message. It often happens I can not find the message I think I did write. I found the reason! I often forget to push ' Post comment.' I did it twice tonight. I saved your mail address now. I will send you email when I have time to tell you about mochi. Thank you for taking interest. Have a nice jigi time.


Hi, Jo. I feel like crying, really! I wrote a long message about my holidays. Without noticing I moved to the web page and came back.... Where is my message?!?!?! Look at this web page. It deleted my message. I made mochi like this and enjoyed it a lot. OHOHOH! You know it is tough to write in English for me. Very very sorry. I cannot write it again. Any rate thank you and have a nice jigi time.

Hi, Mimi. Sorry to hear you were sick, but great you came back here and enjoyed my puzzles. lol
Hope this new year will be great for you and us. Let's have a nice jigi time in 2013 too.

Hi, Sue. I've come back and already done your new one! Let's enjoy jigidi this year too. The fifth year! Thank you for a message.


Missing you. Sure hope you and the family had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to your return soon.


Such a variety of designs and colors. A great one Sachi. 1:34


Sachi, I am so glad to see you! I was sick for awhile and somehow lost you. I'm tickled to have found you again! Beautiful puzzle! And I too wish you all the joys of the season. God bless you and yours!


Oh, this is a gorgeous collection - and such beautifully designed little balls. Thank you for sharing your creativeness with us.


Oh Sachi!! These are sooo Beautiful!! Like fine blown glass paperweights!! The designs inside each round ball are uniquely fasinating to see!! I think the 2nd top, "banana" one is very inventive!! tee-hee! All the rest, the flowers, "grass", (or "flower leaves"), 5th row, 3rd down, are just so gorgeous!! I think I am now caught up on your puzzles! I have been busy lately and got soo behind on my favorite peoples artwork!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas, (even if you don't celebrate it, the spirit of it is a wonderful feeling I'll share with you), and a Happy New Year!! (do you also celebrate the "Chinese New Year"? Hugs, Jo :) Now to go on to your Sachi puzzles!! lol :)