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The Brain on Drugs!

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Title courtesy of Jim & Rosie! :D


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Rosie - thanks so much! This one was from the same image as the one that got called a carpet or a tapestry! It must be the "wayward son!" Thanks so much!!

Mandy - Thanks! Color is where it's at in my book! :D


I'm stumped for a good title, but love the psychadelic colours, thanks Jan :~)


Go ahead----call it "My brain on drugs" and see what kind of reaction you get!!!! If that's what my brain looks like now I'm in luck because it looks like it's still firing and that's more than half the battle. And I do see sinuses and what looks like fungi would look under a microscope. I think this is a pretty brain---lots of color and electricity going on all over.


Well, in the thumbnail, I see a psychedelic SKULL! So, all these other "visions" are certainly possible! LOL

Ardy, Pat, Feederjohn, Hester and Jim - thanks so much for all your feedback! :D


It's physcadelic and looks somewhat like a brain. First thing that came to mind were those tv spots on this is your brain on drugs. Wasn't implying anyone specific. Just noticed that it looks like there is an up arrow right in the middle. Wonder where up would take this.


Um, Jim? Whose brain are we talking about here? Mine? Jiggy's? Or, hopefully "a.n. other brain". 'Cos I don't mess with that stuff and I was talking about coral reef brain coral!! :-))


That's your brain on drugs.


I'm with Ardy on the underwater theme, although on closer inspection I see 3 cute blue Llasa Apso puppies with green noses and black tongues!! And Chinese dragons!Not sure what they are up to among the multi coloured brain coral...
Whatever it is, I like it!! :-))


Fantastic colors thanks jb


Fun puzzle :~)))))


Is it an underwater garden? Not sure about those three big eyes. Maybe it's a tricylops? Whatever the colors are pretty and the puzzle is fun. You even mixed an orange and a pink and I can still like it. Thanks, Jan.