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Pink Angel Trumpet for Jana

25 pieces
119 solves
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Flowers for a happy lady.


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AAAWWW! How sweet of you Angel! I can hardly wait to see what avatar you choose! Thanks!...Monica

You are welcome, maryrob. I am trying to start some seed I snitched from a purple and white one that is more like a small shrub. The pink, yellow and white will grow to 7 ft. if you don't cut them back, which is what I do at frost when I bring them in. Cuttings root very easily in water, so if you see a pink, ask if you might have a 6 in. cutting.

Monica, I guess I never filled out the profile page beyond the minimum required to make & work puzzles and have my time posted (if my silly fingers are working) and make puzzles of my art and photos. Others may be in the same boat, or don't want to get that involved.

I really didn't know if I would like the puzzles and was trying it out. I used to do Castlemountain's puzzles, but they changed the program to Java and I can't get them to work. All you friendly and funny people have gotten me hooked on Jigidi, plus I am learning a lot about the rest of the world in the process. I'll think up something for an avatar, just for you. Hope your Valentine day is a good one.


I love it,I have had white ones and yellow,but wow this pink is wonderful.Thank you AB.


Just a quick question, why are there so many people on jigidi who do not have a pic chosen for their avatar, yourself included?


Lovely Pink Angel Trumpet! Sorry it took me a while to get to it! So many puzzles, so little time huh? Thanks Angel.

Thank you, Sirenita. You appear to have nimble fingers.

Glad you enjoyed it, chickiemama.

laurajane, you wouldn't believe the aroma of these flowers. It is like a Persian Garden, but they perfume the air in the middle of the night. It is worth getting up for, well, at least once. :-)


What a lovely, delicate flower!


What a beautiful photo!


So beautiful!

You are welcome, tex. Glad you enjoyed it.


Beautiful flower for a beautiful spirit! Thanks, Angelbender.