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Happy Birthday Jigidi !!! :)) I

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Thank you Magnus and Stefan for a year of making friends, solving puzzles and having an excuse to spend hours on the computer creating puzzles. :)) Thank you also for the hours it took ot create the new Jigidi that makes posting and solving puzzles so much easier. :))


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Don't you worry about being late, Judy, it's taken me a whole day to get to your comment. :)) It's always nice to read your comments and you are right Jigidi really offers a lot with all its puzzle making and solving and meeting wonderful people. :))

I'm glad you liked the signs of spring and I suppose you will be one of the first of us to get the real spring. :))

Thanks for coming round and your lovely comment. :))


Dagmar, I just found this puzzle at 8:30p.m., but it's not too late to be thankful for all that Jigidi has to offer. I, too, feel like it is a much needed window to the world. It is so nice meeting all the wonderful people here at Jigidi, including you, of course.

I was amazed by this puzzle after solving it and seeing it enlarged. I loved how you incorporated puzzle pieces in the bottom left corner. Great idea! The flowers are gorgeous, especially seeing them this time of year longing for Spring to come. Thanks for sharing them with us. It was a great solve.


Thanks to you and all your visits and wonderful comments. Keep warm :))) and see you tomorrow. :))


It's nice to see more flowers from your garden, Dohun. This is a terrific birthday tribute. Thank you.


I just say what I feel, Hanne, Jigidi and what it comprises - your friendship, creating and solving puzzles and so much more - has made my life much more colourful. :))
Thank you very much also for your daily visits and the wonderful creative comments you leave to make me smile. :))))))


Thanks, PJ, it is always nice to see you around here and reading your lovely comments, and I only regret that I have so little time to correspond. :((


Hi Gail, you express exactly what I mean, Jigidi makes our life much more colourful and not only in the literal sense of the expression. It has been a great pleasure meeting you and everybody else. :))


It's the same for me, Ardy, Jigidi is a wonderful escape and something to look forward to, like a window into the world. :))
Thanks for dropping by and all your visits every day, talking to you, even though only a little bit every time - there is no time for my famous long novels at the moment LOL - also is something nice to encounter every day and makes the days more fun. :))


What a wonderful card, Dagmar!! I think they will love it!!


Dagmar - this is beautifully creative and fun. Great.


And I echo the sentiments of both of you. Jigidi has been a remarkable experience for me. It's been wonderful knowing both of you, as well as everyone else on Jigidi. Thanks for a wonderful puzzle, Dagmar.


Dagmar, This is beautiful. I am so thankful for Jigidi. It has given me something to happily look forward to every day. Thanks again Magnus and Stefan. And thanks to you, Dagmar.


Good morning - or around your place I suppose one o'clock is already considered "good afternoon time" :))

So good afternoon Hester, I suppose that most of us feel the same. For me it will be my Jigidi anniversary in a few days and I must say that I found all this and more on Jigidi. One of the best things for me has been meeting you and the others so that for a few chatty moments I can escape from monotonous everyday life and talk to friends from all over the world. :)))

Thanks for dropping by. :))


Dagmar, this echoes my sentiments completely! And thankyou for this wonderful spring like puzzle! :-))